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  1. Hi, thanks all for the kind words. @Markus: thanks, you will see more these days, no chance to escape. @Bob:D. capensis ´Baines Kloof´ is a little bit similar to D. capensis ´broad leaf´. But it differs in a few points, when you see them next to each other: 1. Aidan mentioned it allready 2. it´s smaller in diameter, more compact growth 3. it´s building faster stems 4. it flowers under mine conditions only 1 time a year, only very big plants are flowering All other D. capensis are flowering several times a year, even small plants. Here a picture for a better view. On the left you can see D. capensis ´broad leaf´ Best regards, Dani
  2. Thanks for the kind words. @Aidan: yes, it´s a really beauty, and it´s forming stems with the age @Sean Spence: It´s not my honor. This plant is created by Andreas Fleischmann. I bought it in Leiden at the EEE from Kamil Pasek who was selling these little plants. Bye, bye, Dani
  3. Hi all, and here is the rest of the pictures. I hope you enjoy them. probably D. x corinthiaca (D. glabripes x aliciae), not D. glabripes as i wrote before D. aff. tubaestylis ´Brookton form´ is starting to grow D. spec. floating D. esterhuyseniae young plant of D. esterhuyseniae x slackii D. rubrifolia D. neocaledonica (very slow growing species) D. slackii (7 cm in diameter) D. spec. Zimbabwe D. affinis ´Namibia´ Best regards, Dani
  4. Hi all, these are my first pictures on any forum. Last days i had a little bit more time than usual and so i decided to take several pictures of my plants. Some of them are not the sharpest, i know, but i hope you enjoy them. P. moctezumae a cluster of P. primuliflora G. aurea ´Chapada dos Guimares´ B. liniflora D. venusta D. nidiformis D. burmanni ´Humpty Doo´ D. adelea D. madagascariensis D. capensis ´Baines Kloof´ (15cm stem) D. capillaris ´North of Citronelle, Washington County, USA´ What i have noticed after that, it is not the easiest to take good pictures of Drosera. Best regards, Dani
  5. Hi Carlos, nice "animal" (Enyalius iheringii) you have there, very interesting colouration. Wonderful landscape and pictures. For me too the Drosera looks more like a D. ascendens. Are you sure with the U. tricolor, the leafes from my U. tricolor are more round and are also bigger. The last flower of U. reniformis with the water drops on it is really fantastic. Thanks for sharing this pictures. Best regards, Dani
  6. Hi, very nice looking D. falconeri. Best regards, Dani
  7. Hi Bill, wonderful plants and fantatic pics H. neblinae Red/waxy form is my favorite. Best regards, Dani
  8. Hi François, wonderful plant. Do you know the location of the plant? Best regards, Dani
  9. Hi Giu, very nice flower. How big is the flower? Best regards, Dani
  10. Hi Carlos, nice pics from well grown plants. Where are you cultivating your plants? In the garden or inside? Best regards, Dani
  11. Hi Jens, thanks for the advise, very nice habitat pictures. The first looks like an invasion. For sadness D. neocaledonica is a very slow grower, from seedlings to mature plants it lasts a few years. Best regards, Dani
  12. Hi Christian, nice pictures from well grown plants, as everytime. @Oliv-666: The plants Kamil from BCP is offering are D. ascendens and not D. villosa. The plants he is offering as D. villosa ssp. ascendens (Itararé, Sao Paulo, Brazil) are also D. ascendens. D. villosa is a little bit rarer in cultivation and the only location i know and grow is this from Serra Do Ibitipoca. So, you have to change your label. Best regards, Dani
  13. Hi, great looking D. falconeri. More pics. Best regards, Dani
  14. Hi all, sorry, i have forgotten to mention it. They really often grow a lot faster after they have been repotted into new substrate, but i would try both. Repotting and feeding. Dani
  15. Hi, for sadness a lot of southamerican Drosera are often slow growers from seed. You can try to feed them with a little fishfood . Best regards, Dani
  16. Hi Paolo, really fantastic pictures, thanks a lot. Never seen U. neottioides yet, its wonderful. More pics please. Best regards, Dani
  17. Hi, thanks for the great pictures of the plants. :) Fantastic landscape. Allways great reports from you. Best reagards, Dani
  18. Hi Morgan, fantastic pics , never seen such a view before. Please more pics like these. Best regards, Dani
  19. Hi Andy, congratulation, great pictures of a very beatyful flower. :) Good luck for your crossing with U. nelumbifolia. best regards, Dani
  20. Hi Moritz, nice flower , how large is it? Where do you grow it? If you have more photos of orchids, please post them here. Best regards, Dani
  21. Hi osmosis, nice flower . Your flower looks for me like U. quelchii ´BG Bonn´, it exists another plant from ´Ilu Tepui´. The flowers are really different. Here you can see them: http://forum.carnivoren.org/topic.php?id=7...t=quelchii& But i dont know if it is self fertile. Best regards, Dani
  22. Hi Alexander, great flower with these nice stripes and of course very nice pics. How do you cultivate it? Best regards, Dani
  23. Hi Iggy, the D. adelae bush is really great. Are you sure that this plant you have labelled as D. burkeana is realy a D. burkeana, for me it seems to be something like D. spatulata or so. greetings from Germany, Dani