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  1. Hi Anderson, it´s indeed a very long time you have not been here.:) Thanks for these pictures, nice to see the Drosera in nature, especially the D. brevifolia and D. communis. I hope to see you now more often here. Best regards, Dani
  2. Welcome to CPUK Francisco. Some brazilian growers do have very big and interesting collections so perhaps you will find there what you are searching for.
  3. Wow, really beautiful flowers.
  4. What a pity the weather has not been the best but some interesting clouds. Nice to see D. filiformis in nature, thanks for sharing. Best regards, Daniel
  5. Really nice pictures, also nice to see some Pinguicula and Drosera.
  6. Hi Sean, somehow i missed these pictures. Really great pictures, many thanks for sharing. Best regards, Dani
  7. Hi Carl, wow, very interesting growing method, i´m really impressed. A very good inspiration, thanks for showing. Best regards, Dani
  8. Really nice collection, congratulations.
  9. Hi Damien, many thanks for showing us these pictures of this relatively rare species. For sure you have been lucky to see them in bloom. Really interesting that the highland plants have longer flower scapes. Has it something to do different pollinators? Here in this case it´s really dangerous for the pollinators. Best regards, Dani
  10. Hello, an update, a few days ago i was able to collect the first seed. It looks intermediate, in the size and shape. 50-times magnified 200-times magnified D. riparia (left), the hybrid is in the middle, D. tomentosa var. tomentosa (right) Well, let´s see if it will germinate but it seems so as if this will be another fertile hybrid. Best regards, Dani
  11. Really very nice flower, Damien. Best regards, Dani
  12. Daniel O.


    Some very interesting flowers.
  13. Rodrigo, somehow i have not found it, perhaps the offer has already been deleted.
  14. Nice but small flowers. U. flaccida does also have some kind of mucilage. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Indeed very interesting, i really like the second picture. Are there more terrestial mexican species that "try" to grow as an epiphyte? Best regards, Dani
  16. Wow, what a huge number of flowers.
  17. Hi Jim, if you have taken the whole leaf leafcuttings will work. But you need two genetically different plants to get some seed so it will not work with the seed. Best regards, Dani
  18. Hi Fernando, thanks for sharing these beauties. What a pity that P. calyptrata is not in cultivation yet. Hasn´t he found U. unifolia? Best regards, Dani