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  1. Wow, nice plants and flowers.
  2. Many thanks to both of you. @Fernando, no problem, i will send Carlos some seed so he can spread them in nature , little joke. @Wolfgang, of course more pictures of hybrids will follow. Meanwhile the first flower stalk is visible and of course this time it´s not hairy at all. Best regards, Dani
  3. Hello together, and here is the next one, it´s D. tomentosa var. glabrata x riparia. I know, nothing special after the hybrid between D. tomentosa var. tomentosa and riparia worked. Of course the plants look nearly identical. I have sown them out 13 months ago and some of the plants seem to be mature now, in fact this hybrid also seems to be a relatively fast and easy grower, the biggest plants about 4cm in diameter. Because of feeding this new hybrid is more greenish for the moment but this for sure will change. The D. tomentosa var. glabrata is from ´Serra Do Caraça, Minas Gerais´, D. riparia is from ´Chapada Diamantina, Mucugê, Bahia´. If anybody has not seen my topic about D. tomentosa var. tomentosa x riparia, here it is: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51388 And here it is, D. tomentosa var. glabrata x riparia. In the leaf apex D. tomentosa var. glabrata ´Serra Do Caraça´ has longer tentacles with a rectangular head, this hybrid also has them as you can see in these pictures. Comparison between D. tomentosa var. tomentosa x riparia (left) and D. tomentosa var. glabrata x riparia (right) Comparison between the parents and the hybrid, in the middle is the hybrid (right D. tomentosa var. glabrata, left D. riparia) I hope you like this new hybrid. Best regards, Dani
  4. Thanks, more and more seedlings are visible. In a few months i will show again some pictures. BTW, here is the next hybrid: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52306
  5. Nice plants and pictures. Most i like U. leptoplectra and D. indica, the flower color is really interesting. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
  6. Hi Christian, what a pity that the pictures disappeared, perhaps you could show some newer ones. What happened to these plants, have they flowered, are they fertile? Best regards, Dani
  7. Nice plants, very impressive D. pauciflora flower.
  8. Daniel O.


    Wow, really interesting flowers.
  9. What a pity, hopefully it will work next time, good luck.
  10. Daniel O.

    D. communis

    Nice, congratulations.
  11. Many thanks for posting these pictures.
  12. Wow, really huge pitchers. Have you also seen D. ultramafica anywhere? Best regards, Daniel
  13. Really beautiful speciemens of Byblis, thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice video, thanks for posting it.
  15. Hi Aymeric, somehow i missed this topic. Really nice flowers, especially the P. louisii. Have you been successful with pollinating it? Best regards, Dani
  16. It´s really a pity what had happened. Please keep us informed.
  17. After three weeks i still do not have any germination but i´m optimistic. The first two plants which flowered i cross-pollinated, meanwhile a third plant flowered and i have not pollinated the flowers with the result that the seed amount is nearly the same. Best regards, Dani
  18. Hi Christian, nice pictures, for sure you have a lot of fun at the moment. Most i like the pictures of this clumb forming form of P. planifolia, really great coloration. I have heard that the plants can get really huge, up to 18cm. I grow this form as well but i must say that under my conditions they only reach a diameter of about 7-8cm. Best regards, Daniel