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  1. Hi Tuco, nice pictures, thanks for showing. But are you sure about D. communis, to me all the Drosera look like D. viridis. Sometimes these plants are also reddish, perhaps it depends on the different soil composition. Under my conditions plants grown in dead sphagnum moss are greenish but plants grown in peaty soil tend to be more reddish or even nearly violett. Look here: Best regards, Dani
  2. Hi Ruben, what a progress, that´s a really good looking wall, congratulations. Perhaps i should also try such a setup. Do you use both sides of the wall as you mentioned it last year? Best regards, Daniel
  3. And where is the plants room? Congratulations, for sure it will look wonderful.
  4. Wow, what a beauty.
  5. About the D. brevifolia, yes, it will produce some seed but probably it´s better to pollinate it additionally by hand, for a bigger amount of seed. About the second plant, it´s definitely not D. communis, perhaps a D. spatulata. Best regards, Daniel
  6. Daniel O.

    variegated ping

    Hello Adrian, really interesting plant, hopefully this trait is stable. Best regards, Dani
  7. Hi Rodrigo, really nice series of pictures. Thanks for the link. Best regards, Daniel
  8. Hello Vince, congratulations, really very well grown Heliamphora. And the U. cambelliana is absolutely awesome. Best regards, Daniel
  9. Hi Aymeric, i really like your new wall and the first flowers. Regards, Dani
  10. Hi Martin, isn´t it part "V"? Again some really interesting pictures. Many thanks for sharing them. Best regards, Dani
  11. Nice variation, i like them both.:) Best regards, Daniel
  12. Wow, U. kamienskii is really a beauty. What´s the size of the flowers? Thanks for sharing.
  13. You are absolutely right, H. puchella is still the queen with this fantastic coloration, really unbelievable. Thanks for these pictures. Daniel
  14. Really interesting habitat and interesting report. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Hi Martin, like in paradise. The coloration of the flowers and plants is really unbelievable. And of course i mostly like the Drosera stems, some very old plants. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Daniel
  16. Again a very interesting orchid. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Nice little beauties, especially the P. immaculata.
  18. Really nice flower pictures.
  19. Hi Alexander, nethertheless i do not like Sarracenia very much i have to say that this one i really like. What a big number of flowers, really great. Best regards, Daniel
  20. Wow, some nice orchids.
  21. Great looking Drosera, very nice coloration. But of course i also like the others. Best regards, Daniel
  22. Like in heaven. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Daniel