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  1. Nice and huge flower. I really like roses with strong odor. Best regards, Daniel
  2. Daniel O.

    Arisaema speciosum

    Really impressive.
  3. Daniel O.


    Nice speciman.
  4. Really interesting plant.
  5. Nice flower and really interesting visitor, well captured.
  6. Hi Phil, really beautiful flowers and i like the big variety of them. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Daniel
  7. Some really beautiful flowers.
  8. Yes, D. latifolia is self-fertile. This species produces lots of seed without your help.
  9. Daniel O.

    D. communis

    Never read this article, hopefully it will work with your other plants if you cross-pollinate them, good luck. The pollen of south american Drosera is only viable for a short time if stored in a fridge, perhaps longer if stored in the freezer. @Killian, your plants are definitely not D. communis, probably a D. spatulata form. Best regards, Daniel
  10. Really nice Pinguicula, especially the reddish plants. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Daniel O.

    D. communis

    Really nice flowers. I thought D. hamiltonii is self-fertile if pollinated by hand or isn´t it the case.
  12. Again some nice flowers. How many orchid species do you grow?
  13. Aaah, you don´t grow only orchids, Sarracenia and Darlingtonia. Littel joke, nice flowers.
  14. Hi Ron, what a beauty. My plants refuse to flower since more than 3 years, hopefully i will also see some flowers one day. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Nice pictures. I really like these U. muelleri, very interesting plants. Best regards, Daniel
  16. Thanks Tuco, also for the detailed description of the locations. It´s always interesting to get some information about how the plants grow in nature. @Fernando, for sure the lights have some effect on the coloration. But as i already mentioned next to this pot there is a pot with a dead sphagnum/sand mix, these plants are totally green (same location). Same water level and same light intensity. That´s the reason why i suspect that the difference in the soil could be a reason for the different coloration. But perhaps even the age of the plants is somehow important. Best regards, Dani
  17. Some nice Utricularia flower pictures but most i like the D. trinervia flowers.
  18. Hi Carl, wow, really huge pitchers. Best regards, Dani
  19. Hi Adrian, i really like your plants.
  20. Very nice looking flowers.