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  1. Hi Lucien, wow, the D. browniana pictures are really great, wonderful flowers and such a big number. How many plants are in this pot? Best regards, Dani
  2. Hi Aymeric, beautiful plants. The second picture is really great but i also like the scorpion. Best regards, Dani
  3. Nice pictures, most i like the second picture, it´s really great.
  4. Hi Rodrigo, i really like the second picture. @Anthony, the substrate seems to be a dead sphagnum/sand mix. Best regards, Dani
  5. Wonderful pictures of a still relatively rare species, congratulations.
  6. Indeed one of the most interesting Drosera from South Africa. Thanks for sharing. Dani
  7. Sorry, i´m not from Armenia but welcome to CPUK. For sure here you will find some interesting information and also some friends. Best regards, Dani
  8. Hi Arnaud, again some nice pictures. Best regards, Daniel
  9. Very nice pictures of U. mannii. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi Vincent, wonderful orchids. Most i like the Masdevallia strobellii flower. Best regards, Daniel
  11. Hi Jean-Pierre and Lutz, really very nice plants you show us here. Nothing against more picture of these beautiful plants. Best regards, Daniel
  12. Really interesting location. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi Marc, some really beautiful Heliamphora, really nice coloration. I also like the U. mannii, really nice flowers. Best regards, Daniel
  14. Hi Lutz, again a very nice species you show us. Once i had it also in my collection but for my sadness i lost them before they flowered. I really like the short flower scapes with such big flowers. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Hello Lucien, some really very healthy looking plants. Great coloration. Best regards, Daniel
  16. Hi Vince, a really wonderful flower. And many thanks for your detailed information about your lighting. Indeed a really great setup. Perhaps i have to choose something similar for my new highland terrarium. Best regards, Dani
  17. Hi Vince, great looking plants as usual and what a fuse box. Until now i havn´t heard of U. furcellata. Hopefully you can show us soon some pictures of the flowers. You mentioned that you use whie LED lighting. Can you tell some more details about it, the manufacturor and so on. Best regards, Dani
  18. Dear Kamil, indeed a very interesting plant. But what is it exactely, is it a hybrid or a genetic anomaly of a certain species? Best regards and a happy new year, Daniel
  19. Hi Lutz, as usual. Very nice and healthy plants. Best regards, Daniel
  20. Really nice monsters, great colouration.
  21. Dear Takaaki, really great work, congratulations. It was a pleasure to read it. Best regards and a happy new year, Daniel
  22. Hi Arnaud, really nice Heliamphora and flowers. Best regards, Daniel