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  1. Hello all together, after about one and a half years, the house finally is finished. It really took a damn long time, unfortunately much longer than expected. It has been extremely stressful to plan and to coordinate everything. During this long period, i tried to rebuild my collection again in the basement of the now rebuilt house. The species richness of my collection is of course absolutely not comparable to what i grew in the past. Meanwhile most of the plants from the basement are placed again in the house, only a few African Drosera are still in the basement. Nearly all the South American Drosera have suffered in the basement, especially seedlings and a lot of them even died but i had even losses in some Pinguicula and Utricularia. It simply was too cold and partly perhaps too wet because of the nearly not existing air circulation. But now in their new home they grow much better. For Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Dioneae, Darlingtonia and tubererous Drosera i simply had no place in the cellar during the last 18 months. But since a few weeks i grow again also 3 Heliamphora and one Nepenthes, also a gift. It´s a really good feeling and hopefully one day i will have a nice Heliamphora and Nepenthes collection as before. I would like to thank again all the members (GFP and CPUK) and friends who helped me a little bit to rebuild my collection partially. Many thanks to you for your help. For sure i will be again a more active member here on this forum, after this incident it simply has not been possible. I´m back again. Best regards, Dani
  2. Really nice location. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Best regards, Daniel
  3. Wow, really not often seen species. Many thanks for sharing these pictures. Best regards, Daniel
  4. Nice flowers, the second flower is a little bit more interesting. Small but nice. Is it already fully opened? Best regards, Daniel
  5. What a small one. But with a relatively big and really interesting flower.
  6. Hi Arnaud, again some nice macros, especially the one with the water droplets. It´s not that easy to take such good pictures because of the small size of the flowers. Best regards, Daniel
  7. Hi Fernando, what a pity you have lost a bigger part of your plants. But for sure soon the wall will look the same as before, probably even better. Good luck and best regards, Dani
  8. Hello Dieter, that´s really a monster plant. I saw it at the GFP-meeting in Bonn, really impressive. Of course i also like the flowers. Best regards, Daniel
  9. Wow, really interesting flowers. Until now i have not seen pictures of this species. Please keep on posting pictures of your orchids. Best regards, Daniel
  10. Indeed it´s a very beautiful species. For my sadness in the past i have not been successful with this species. Regards, Daniel
  11. Again some really nice pictures, especially the last one.
  12. Great pictures J-P. It really difficult to say which is the most beautiful. Best regards, Dani
  13. Daniel O.


    Hallo Johannes, really nice flower. I also like the older pictures. Best regards, Daniel
  14. Some really nice plants. Are you sure about the ID of D. ordensis x falconeri? To me it looks like a true D. ordensis. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Hi Dieter, really great. Good to hear that this species can be selfed. So hopefully we will see this very beautiful species in much more collections in the near future. Best regards, Daniel
  16. Indeed a very beautiful species and the pictures are really fantastic. Hopefully you will receive some seed after cross pollination.
  17. Again some beautiful orchids. The second plant is really miniature but nice. After i lost all my plants a few months ago i think i should start again growing some orchids. Best regards, Daniel
  18. Hi Arnaud, again some nice macros, i really like them. It´s not that easy to take such good pictures of so small Utricularia flowers. Best regards, Daniel
  19. I really like the last picture. Isn´t it cute. Best regards, Dani
  20. Hi Aymeric, what a nice population. Really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Dani