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  1. The numbers of each variant in the overall sum of seedlings was relatively balanced except for the heavily veined Clone 'E'. While there were other veined but not 'coloured' individuals, Clone 'E' was the only one of that degree.
  2. Given the current debate about the legitimacy of Sarracenia flava "varieties", I thought the following would be of interest. I will be using the term variety for simplicity other than for those instances of quotation marks. Normally not interested or seeing the value in cross-pollinating solid examples of varieties, back in 2007 I conducted just such an experiment using S. 'Waccamaw' and a particularly strong S. flava var. rugelii (a very tall fluted form with the tube flaring markedly towards the peristome). S. 'Waccamaw' was the recipient of the var. rugelii pollen under strictly controlled
  3. As a sometime Sarracenia barber, here are some before and after photos of two of my recent clients, a Mr S.F Rugelii and a Mr B.I.G Red-Moorei.... (coffee mug gives scale for size of leaves)
  4. Revisting an old topic, here's a shot of a clone that was propagated from seed rather than asexual division but sold (not to me) in the UK several years ago as S.'Claret' with the selfed parent allegedly the genuine article. Very nice plant nonetheless.
  5. Not sure if you can get it from the photo but this deformed rugelii pitcher looks like a portal into another universe. Just enter and have your mind bent by the dilation of space and time......
  6. A large stylised VFT features prominently in the vid for the Queens of the Stone Age, The Vampyre of Time and Memory
  7. I used the term flower in a colloquial sense, a mistake on my part. Of course, you are correct.
  8. Hi everyone The largest flower on the planet has just bloomed for the first time here in New Zealand at Auckland Domain's Wintergardens public display greenhouses. For those not familiar with the species, endemic to Sumatra, Amorphophallus titanum has a seven year flowering cycle and the staff at the Wintergardens were awaiting with baited breath the possibility of a flower emerging from the dormant corm. The first visible growth of the flower bud was met with much excitement and the specimen produced a beauty of an example of the species with the height to the top of the central spadix being
  9. That's the one Andy! Didn't remember it was your baby. Was great fun!
  10. I realise it may not be the best time of year for you northern types....
  11. Seem to remember there was a thread, View from my window, that was a bit of a hit with members for a good long while. Searched but couldn't find it. So, thought might kick off a new one if anyone is interested (it's probably in the wrong section but maybe the mods could sort that one?). Here's the view out some of my windows right now... (please excuse the support structure - it has been bloody windy down here lately, seemingly never ending!)
  12. Francesco, I love viewing your season progressions each year. Congrats on another good one - great looking plants. [Whoops! a twofa...]
  13. Francesco, I love viewing your season progressions each year. Congrats on another good one - great looking plants.
  14. Missed this post originally. Great stuff Mike. Invaluable to those of us who haven't seen these spots with our own eyes. The Darlingtonia sites look like magical places to me, nothing but nature and the wind.