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    All CP's, Reptiles and Tarantulas. I am also on the committee of the Amphibian Reptile and Insect Association here in Northampton. I run the website, so have a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. If they have been in since the 1960's then it will be a hard job to remove them, even a bit of root and as Manders said all the seed, they will come back time after time. So the national trust need CP fanatics with rafts and dingy's to control them
  2. Hi folks, Just found this link below. I know this has been discussed at various times on the forum but looks like the National Trust are taking action. From a conservation view i can understand why, just hope they play it smart and sell the plants on to nurseries or individuals. With a bit of foresight they could make a bit of money to put back in to the conservation. What are your thoughts?. Has anyone been involved in the actual removal work, i bet a lot of us wish we had known about it in advance.
  3. I have just returned from a nursery in Towcester Northants who had 200ltr bales of Evergreen Irish Moss peat for £11.50. I got 2 of his last 3 but the owner stocks it regularly and we all know how hard it is to find sphagnum moss peat. It would be an idea to ring first to see how much they have got in stock. With the repotting and propagation season coming up fast i thought folks would like the link especially if you are in the midlands as its pretty straight off the M1 j15a. Here's the link. I haven't been on the forum for a long long time so thought i would post something usefull to get me started.
  4. Hi fly, if you look in the photos forum or do a search for wedding photos you find a post called a sarracenia marriage. this couple used pitchers for table decoration and the photos look very spectacular. Might be worth a look for some ideas. sorry i haven't figured out how to do a quick link.