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  1. So I do not understand why there is a cross between fused tooth and bumblebee. There should be photos of this plant, since someone had it as adult plant to cross with fused tooth. Or maybe this plant is so common that it's not necessary to show it.
  2. It's quite similar to Dionaea 'Barbed wire', but I love it.
  3. if you want some ant plant seeds I have some one .I give these one free .


  4. if you want some ant plant seeds I have some one .I give these one free .


  5. Hi all, I am looking for seeds of these plants, if you have some of them please send me a pm or mail me to: [email protected] I prefer swapping than paying, but I am opened to offers. Regards, Miguel
  6. Congratulations Dudo! Did you try adding casein to droseras before adding defined aminoacids? I am thinking about it, but I don't know how much to add per liter. Miguel
  7. From Spain we provide plants within Europe. Venta de plantas carnívoras We produce them in our own lab tissue culture, I think later this year we can offer a nice and extensive collection of plants for individuals and resellers Thanks, Miguel
  8. Updated with new and cheaper shipping costs to Europe. 3.5 € for seeds and giberellic acid (EXPRESS MAIL) 7.5 € for plants (EXPRESS MAIL) Regards, Miguel
  9. Hi Karl, congratulations!! You know I am looking forward to having one
  10. Hi Matt, I'm looking forward to having a plant like yours. Nice pictures!
  11. I agree with you . My 'B52' look great and in just one season each plant has created many divisions!
  12. Yeah, some of my Dionaea 'B52' show a beautiful red line too.
  13. I personally would pay 50 euros if I was the first recipient of the plant. In another case seems an excessive price, and I think like toimeme, the Dionaea 'Charly mandon spotted' is very similar.
  14. Nice to see it again, maybe it shows patches only during certain months. Karl you've got a mail in your inbox.