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  1. OMG Its 2.10 a.m here in germany and acually i wanted to go to bed but after i saw a Topic by you Andreas i had to read it haha Danke danke für diese mega ausführliche Unterscheidung. Ist richtig richtig gut geworden! :) P.s.: Martin muss dich öfters zu was zwingen, sowas zu schreiben on english: thanks for this great guide to distinguish those two Utris :) P.s: Martin should urge you way more often to write topics like this
  2. Yes, during summertime they are outside. In winter i keep them in the basement under a 400w light
  3. After the good feedback i got in the german CP forum i decided to post here some pics of my Roridula and their bugs A couple of shots from last year a white-pinkish flower Thats a Utri flower from last year i forgot which species it was... either longifolia,nelumbifolia or humboldtii... but i think it was my u.humboldtii Here now a couple of shoots i made from the bugs ( sorry if they arent that good i dont have a makro lense and made them out of the hand) Now 4 random shots of my other plants... D.capensins 'baines kloof', a demolished flower of D.regia and Drosophyllum I hope you enjoy them Cheers Marcel
  4. Just wanted to add, that i got mine also by postal way but with a plant, all bugs survived...
  5. Nice plant you have there.Its also the first time that i see a juvenil pitcher on the flower...
  6. Hey, I grow them in the summer outside and there are often Temperature over 30°C and the ygrow very good and most the temperaturs are higher than 20° at night.Well i think R.dentata tolerant higher temperatures because it occurs more upcountry.But i think you will have some problems with the high humitidy in the tropics... sorry for my bad english Greets marcel
  7. I like N.talangensis x veitchii the most.could you tell me please where this beauty is from?
  8. Hi, Great pix and great plants I think the Nepenthes on the last pic of the first post could also be a N. x briggsiana. Greetings MArcel
  9. Amazing pitcher! could you post a pic of the whole plant?
  10. Beautiful pix and plants.Can you please post some pix of the R.dentata?
  11. Nice plants Moritz.Do you still have the "unreal" spec.nov sumatra?
  12. Hello everyone, I just want to know if some Nepenthes(and the othes species too) are poisonous for animals or humans.Because i want to transplant some Nepenthes into the terrarium of my Chameleon. Marcel