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  1. great drosera pics!!!! I really love the d. arcturi. is it the giant form? somebody would point at me as foolish for a plant 4 cm long but your is SO big. Congratulation!!! mine are outside still covered with snow/ice. ciao!!! AndreaS
  2. Martin, your hope it's the same of mine: let's see if something will sprout also in my pots in the next months ;)
  3. Thank you very much for sharing these great pics!!!! I'm really crazy for those temperate drosera, your photos are really a gift for my eyes!!!! ciao!!!!
  4. Dear friends the Italian Carnivorous Plants Society (AIPC) is pleased to announce its first own conservation project in Italy with a fund raise in connection. Amongst the various proposals in favour of the fund raise, there is also a 2 DVD collection including 6 lectures which have been showed during last EEE 2008. Some of you already asked a copy so we gently invite to visit our website where you will find all details to receive them. http://www.aipcnet.it/Pagine/PC/PC_en.htm Friendly yours, Andrea Scaccabarozzi AIPC Secretary
  5. The red form was found in SA in the seeps near Gifberg.
  6. Hi folks!!! the correct email address to get in touch with AIPC is [email protected] ciaoo Andrea
  7. Just to remind to all CP growers who would bring on sale at EEE 2008 in Italy their division, cuttings or seedlings: all informations and module to subscribe are available at http://eee.aipcnet.eu/espositori/EEE_2008_hobbyst_eng.html The deadline for subscription is 1st september 2008. After that day we couldn't grant space spaces and subscription could be refused. Subscribing in time will assure the best places positioned with good visibility. pls enquiry or book, sending an email to infoEEE.aipc AT gmail.com ciaooo
  8. Hi Jens!! you are completely right!!! I've already proposed to my friend Melly to bring all her plants in show at EEE2008 and keep for her a reserved area called 'Dionaea's world'... or if you prefer 'The Italian job' The problem would be to transport about 10 water trays filled with plants to Venice let's see what we can do!!! hope to meet you all soon!!! AndreaS
  9. Hi all!!! Several hotels arrange special buses from Treviso Airporto to Mira. You may enquiry the hotel reception for booking the special bus. Moreover you could choouse BUS SERVICE from Airport Canova Treviso: http://www.atvo.it/index.php?lang=en&a...3&menuid=36 and http://www.trevisoairport.it/page/tsf/serv...amp;language=en You have to click on "Aeroporto Treviso - Mestre -Venezia", for each airplane you will find the correspondent bus to MESTRE. MIRA is one of the bus-stop exactly in front of the Villa Widmann where we will meet. Also we are trying to arrange a car sharing for people arriving in Mestre. We will pick up you if you would send an email to info.EEE @ gmail.com see you soon!!!! ciao Andrea
  10. I grow easily d. ascendens in my terrarium (with 4 neon lamps) located in the cellar... max temp in august is 26°C while outside there is +36°C!!!! as Fernando said, keep cool and humid!! ciao
  11. GREAT PICS!!! I've really enjoyed the d. sp. Corumbà with the extremely hairy scape!! thanks!!
  12. Great pics Valentin!!! I really love your d. rubrifolia, I haven't see this plant in dark red colour till now in cultivation. On the other side your d. alba (very nice!) would be more reddish.. this sound strange to me.
  13. @ Katerina: as far as I know, YES. but sometimes seeds obtained in terraria simply don't sprout @ Giupe: next time we will meet, you will risking a ping. debbertiana seizing!!
  14. GREAT pictures Christian!!! I really love your d. ascendens 'parelheiros' ciao!! AndreaS
  15. I am very happy that after months of suffering wait, my drosera felix opened the fruit revealing the well developed splash-cup full of seeds!!!! I hope you enjoy it!! ciao AndreaS
  16. Gorgeous pics!!!!! In the next life I hope to be a drosera hirtella var. 'Corumba' thanks for sharing Fernando & Vitor!!!! greetings from Italy AndreaS
  17. Hi great pics, my heart stopped for a few seconds at drosera hilaris sight it really looks so healthy and dewy!!!! Congrats!! ciao AndreaS
  18. I HAVE NO WORDS!!!! Beautiful pics (also Vitor's), they remind me that uman kind could do something to save CP in habitat... I will dig a hole in my garden and fill it with water, waiting for genlisea will establish in there too... just kidding excellent reportage!!! hope to hearing from you soon!!! ciao AndreaS
  19. great shots!! definitevely one of the most interesting post I ever read!!!! recently I am studying drosera propagation. it would be interesting (for me and my research :o ) a close up of the meristematics cells to observe the localization on drosera leaves. Thanks for sharing!!! greetings from Italy!!!! Andrea Scaccabarozzi
  20. FANTASTICS pics!!! every time I see you reports, you make me wonder to take a trip to your country!!! thanks for sharing!!! ciao AndreaS
  21. Nice shots!!! as you may have understood, I lke very much your drosera!!!! Ciao AndreaS
  22. Melly don't forget about me!!!! I am the guy drinking behind!!!!
  23. Fantastic photos Fernando!!!! even more common drosera are a real delight for our eyes!!! thanks!!!! AndreaS
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