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  1. So I guess the question is, is the pasion form the only HL form of truncata. Not which clone. He is curious on my behalf too. I received a plant labeled truncata and was told it was a HL. Now is the pasion form the only Hl form or are there other HL forms of truncata?
  2. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I lucked up and got this plant from a guy getting out of nepenthes, and got it for a really good deal. The price of shipping. I'm stoked and its become a favorite.
  4. Maybe someone can post on how long these pitchers are supposed to last.
  5. hmmmm IDK about those lights. I also don't know about the actual length of time the pitcher stay on that plant. my lights are of the daylight 6500K spectrum I can buy at Lowes. Is the growth leggy indicating more light is needed? is it light green or getting some red to the leaves? I thought echinostoma had a red peri. Might need more light for longer than 12 hours. humidity looks good. medium looks good. as I said I don't have experience with this plant so IDK how long the pitchers are supposed to last. doesn't sound like the plant is too bad off though. the more flimsy the pitcher the shorter it lasts. The more woody like lowii the longer they last.
  6. How long are the pitchers lasting?? Some plants don't have long lasting pitchers. If that's not the case, then something with the environment is off and the plant is sulking. How long have you had it? What kind of lights are you using? In my terrarium, I'm using one bank of overdriven t-8's and a normal driven bank of t-8's. Total of 4 lights and they are on 18hrs a day. Flouros can never replace the sun, so they need a longer on cycle. Maybe your plants is still settling in too. I have had plants take upwards to 6 months to fully acclimate to new conditions and grow and pitcher well.
  7. TY!! I'm impressed with it myself.
  8. And that's pretty much true to color too.
  9. But Rob, you have the field experience I crave.. :-) I have dreams of having a lab and office here in the states like yours one day. I've actually contacted your office a time or two. The time was just not right yet for me to finish persuing petmits and such. So I go and get in trouble for my recent Tony order. Lol $600 the wife wasn't expecting. I'm extremely excited about the sing x red ham. And the others I reserved. Thanks for all you do from Borneo.