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  1. Ok cheers Aiden i WONT be putting my VFT in my terrarium this winter.
  2. lmao is nobody going to answer this ?
  3. So is dormancy in the wild dependent on the VFT's location? So i if i put VFT in my terrarium with enough light and humidity i wont have to give them dormancy i could just let them have 16 hours of light a day every day for as long as they live?
  4. ill leave my timer set to 6am to 10pm then, thanks mate.
  5. Will i see anything beneficial from setting my timer to match the times of light for UK, like at the moment my plants all Drosera are getting 16 hours. Also when is the dormant period for a D.paradoxa ?
  6. lmao, if i dont laugh ill cry so keep the jokes coming!
  7. im fuming, its not greenfly or spiders or any insect at all, its my dog ive just caught him eating most of my VTF, i have saved 2 i had 20, he must of been nibbling on them for the past few weeks and just thought what the hell ill eat them all today......
  8. Cheer's Sheila, 2 small traps on 1 plant are distorted. Hmmmm looks like ill need that provado now doesnt it.....lol.
  9. My VTF's are looking a bit rubbish, the traps are going orange then black, they are outside so i was wondering if its starting to go dormant?
  10. Cheers mate, i did try the search but it threw up loads of stuff, im not very good with search engines.
  11. Morning, i have 25 S.Purpurea seeds coming this morning, can you please tell me what to do as this is my first time. Thanks Andy
  12. I feel :vomit: how can he pick it up its making my skin crawl.
  13. im going to give it a go cos they amaze me.
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