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    Hi everybody. Not new to this forum but not been here for years. After a long illness and having to give up my growing I am now starting from new. Been given some sundew seeds so that is a start. Very happy to be back here.
  2. hypno

    Hello again

    If Im not mistaken there was a shake up or move of somesort on this forum a few years backand ppl had to re register or lost there post count and that is why the lack of posts from me also bad health.
  3. Hi everybody, its been about a year (or more) since I was on here. The reason I have not visited for a while is that I have had a series of "bad do's" (Northern expression) with my heart and so have not been doing much of anything. I will now be starting from scratch again and am looking forward to getting back into this unusual hobby and getting myself some nice plants. Pleased to be back...Tom