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  1. Beautiful colour. Mine have never gone that dark. Out of interest, what are you using in your blend of orchid compost? Thanks.
  2. HugoMorse


    Wow, fantastic collection. Interested in hearing about the different smells. Would love a echinolabium but hear it is probably the most potent. Thanks.
  3. Beautiful. I will see if I can take some new photo's this weekend. I really need to clean the glass on my coldframe to allow more light and get them to colour properly.
  4. Hi James, I remember buying and trying a load of air pots years ago. Interesting idea, but the bugs just loved them, multistory capsule hotel.
  5. Yes, just no time. I do buy plants occassionally but have been concentrating on orchids and tillandsia's recently. I do miss posting, but have no spare time. My little one is one month now and my oldest 3 years. Amazing how time flies. I do read posts when I can and good to see yours.
  6. Yes, the real deal. Sorry, you may not realise, I am TheFriendlyGiant on eBay and HugoMorse on here.
  7. Yes and yes. I bought mine, very kindly, from Stephen in Jan 2007. You can search my old posts on here :) How is yours doing?
  8. Just looking through my old messages on here. It was a German Giant I traded with aida. I still have the messages from LJ. Reading it, I told her there was a surprise from Samson (on my cats) in there for her. Looking back on my messages, what ever happpened to Melly? I remember she had one of the largest collections of VFT's and set-up her own forum.
  9. I remember she was preparing for her wedding, so, probably had many other things take her time instead. It feels good posting on here, but a very rare occurance. Just no time, especially with an increasing family. I remember when there was a handful of clones of VFT's, etc, and the selection now is amazing. Always amazed at some of the new forms being grown. I tend to log in to look rather than have time to post.
  10. Wow, an old thread that I stumbled on by accident. I gave one to LJ. There is a very funny, but rather cruel, story behind it. One of my cats killed a monstrous spider; you could see all the individual eyes, large and hairy and very long legs. I carefully placed it inside one of the pitchers as if it was crawling out. LJ told me she almost had a heart attack opening it. I was chuckling and hope she did see the funny side. I sincerely hope she is doing well. I remember she was preparing her wedding around then. I used to grow a few varieties of Ceph's but had to cut down on my collection many, many years ago. Luis bought some of me and I see him list spares on eBay occassionally. He has an amazing collection. Other than LJ, I gave one to a French grower, but cannot remember her name now. I may still have the message on here, but do not have time to check. [EDIT] It was aidi on here in August 2008. I was passionate about VFT's and traded for a Coquillage. I did sell a couple on eBay. Having just checked, the same person who bought one of me in 2015 has just purchased another. I would not want to name them for their privacy. Once again, I am having to cut down on my collection, but this time on VFT's again. I have a new baby (my second), so have no time to give the time required to CP's, my orchids and tillandsia's. So, the money from anything is going to good use for my little ones. My TC2 is very special to me. My very first ceph and amazing how different it grows under different conditions (back in the day, I had a terrarium). It grows monster pitchers for me. My only other ceph's are Eden Black, purchased from Stephen in May 2012, and Big Boy, purchased from JohnP on here in July 2008. I cannot part with them.
  11. I spent a lot of money in the past buying Moorland Gold. Full of seeds. You'll spend forever picking out seedlings. Glad to get back to Irish Shamrock.
  12. I used to grow quite a few variaties a long time ago, but only have a very small grow space so downsized considerably to grow other plants. Tank Ceph 2 (sibling to Eden Black), mother plant is from Jan 2007 from Stephen, 3 separate pots. Some large pitchers on my oldest (1" wide and 2" tall). Eden Black, from May 2012 from Stephen, 2 separate pots Big Boy, there are some massive pitchers here but is too dense to measure the largest, from July 2008 from JohnP, 2 separate pots.
  13. Here is Red Piranha from almost one year ago (1st August 2015):
  14. Hi Kieran, The problem with the some of the red's is that there are many clones circulating under the same name. I have had Akai Ryu from several different sources and the difference in how they grow are vast. The same applies with Royal Red; I have never had one that retains the green band around the trap edge. With a form like Bohemian Garnet, Red Fused Petiole, Red Piranha, however, you know the plant you are getting due to its unique characteristics. From my experience, a good clone of Akia Ryu can be a massive grower and Red Piranha can put on excellent size. Bohemian Garnet and Red Fused Petiole are small growing plants for me, but beautiful.
  15. I am working fine, but have a different problem; if I reply to a private message, it makes two posts instead of one.
  16. Hi, it is nothing to worry about. Orchids do some thing similar to try and block overexposure. Try some sort of net to filter the sun or move the plant to a different windowsill that gets less light and see how it performs.
  17. Hi Pete, My B52's have never reached the infamous 5cm mark, but are consistantly 4.5cm and over. Here are some photo's from last year: I got mine from the original imports from Kheen Carnivores in 2008 from PlantEv. Meizwang, My Big Mouth gets traps 4cm+ wide and get the most amazing purpleish colour on them. Lepto, Others I grow with large traps that are over 4cm and consistantly around 4.5cm are: Z11 (BCP), Giant form and G14 (Dirk Ventham's Giant). I have not grown Darwin long enough to see how large the traps get. Dissapointments for me were Big Vigorous and, sorry to say, G16.
  18. My advice to grow it is the same as my post in 2009: The best way to grow calycifida is in pure sphagnum moss, wet, allowing the water to almost evaporate before refilling. Put it in a large vase, loose, and it will grow rampant that way and allow full sun on the windowsill. And do not have cats!
  19. Hi Jonathan, I used to grow them in a terrarium under a Envirolite 125w Blue and Reflector for lighting that was probably a foot above the plants. The leaves did get some burn, but it did not harm the plant. That was a very long time ago. Here are two photo's from 2008 that I found: Here is a photo from when I grew them in a large Ikea vase on the south to south-east window allowing as much sun as possible through double glazing and the vase. These photo's are August 2013: I do not have any new photo's but do have photo's of one of my asplundii's grown in the current format, in a net pot inside a square Ikea vase on the windowsill. You'll recognise the moss! I moved to smaller vase's simply so I could grow more. The problem is, my cats treat it like a salad and eat any spikes that emerge and leaves too! They have preferences too! On my windowsill I grow: alpina (has not flowered yet, but has really strong stolons, it will be a while before it is pot bound) asplundii (flowers constantly, the one in my bathroom has been in bloom for well at least two months now - seems to bloom even in Winter, not many spikes (the cat's really love eating this one - spikes and leaves, which is why I grow two)) bisquamata Betty's Bay (flowers profusely every year) calycifida 'Asenath Waite' (flowers profusely every year until the cat's get to it - spikes especially and then the leaves) calycifida 'Lavinia Whateley'(flowers profusely every year until the cat's get to it - spikes especially and then the leaves) nelumbifolia (has not flowered yet, but has really strong stolons and is pot bound now, so hoping after four years) this one gets left alone nephrophylla (flowers every year, not many spikes (the cat's really love eating these spikes)) sandersonii (flowers profusely every year) this gets a very rare chomp, it is mostly left alone even the flowers sandersonii (blue flower) (in full bloom at the moment) this gets a very rare chomp, it is mostly left alone even the flowers
  20. Hi Jonathan, Yes, it is Utricularia Calycifida Asenath Waite and I was the seller. I rarely post on the forums, but feel free to look up my posts and you will see I am very experienced grower (who introduced every one on how to grow VFT's from flower stalks: I grow mine in a net pot in an Ikea vase on a South / South East facing window where it gets sun all day. It flowers prusely every year. I find, in these conditions - in particular due to the net pots, the leaves on this and my utric's grown this way are small. In the net pots, they also tend to grow along the sides at the bottom where it is wettest and, possibly, the most humid. When I had the plant in a much bigger Ikea vase, without any net pot, the leaves grew much bigger, to a size that you are probably used too. There were plenty of stolens in the portions I sent you and the leaves in the photo you have taken are nice and healthy. I do not know how much light you get, but it is worth separating the portion to try elsewhere (or in a net pot). The cold weather will kill it though, so keep that in mind. Calycifida for me has flowered after only a few months of starting a new portion, so you should find flower stalks growing this summer. I have a busy weekend but will try and find some photo's to upload. By the way, I did not sell it as a big plant. I listed it as a starter portion.
  21. Nice setup. What pump are you using please. There seems quite a large choice and very little info on them. Thanks.
  22. I am having the same problem. I even tried to change my e-mail address but did not receive the verification e-mail.
  23. Sorry, this is the best photo of the leaves I can offer until tomorrow. Thanks. Link: