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  1. Afew pics of pinguicula vulgaris and drosera rotundifolia near Melvaig on the north-west coast of Scotland during a recent holiday
  2. Hello all, here are some pics from a recent (December 2010) visit to Maddens Falls in the Dharawal Nature Reserve, off the old Princes Highway south of Sydney. There is a metal walkway down to the falls over swampy ground with many Drosera spatulata plants. Along the banks of the creek leading to the falls there were also Drosera binata and (dormant) Drosera peltata.
  3. Hello all, here are some pics taken just before Christmas of a colony of Drosera pygmaea located on the cliffs at Cape Solander in the Botany Bay National Park on the Kurnell peninsula in Sydney (the offshore platform in the first picture is part of construction for Sydney's new desalination plant).
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