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  1. I don't use any cooling, and this summer temp of 40 degrees celcius in the greenhouse without any problems. They can easily be grown.
  2. A darlingtonia pitcher looking very nice this fall:
  3. lucifer


    The fused cup trap looks a bit like triton. Only triton has a lot less color.
  4. lucifer


    All different kind of teeth on the same trap. Nice growing and stable.
  5. I have a veitchii that is about to flower, anyone got some pollen?
  6. lucifer

    Which clone

    Well my giant clones (dudley, giant, german giant, hummers giant) are consistently larger then my typical. And you can see the differences but it's always hard to tell from some pictures. Are you sure you have a real big boy and hummers? There are a lot of fake plants.
  7. lucifer

    Which clone

    Yes indeed. All 3 are dudley watts. As you can see there can be a lot of difference between plants grown next to each other in the same conditions. There all cuttings of the plant I got from you ada.
  8. lucifer

    Which clone

    Some good guesses but until now not all of them correct. Ada, I posted some overview pics allong with some others here:
  9. lucifer

    Which clone

    Yes ptaah, indeed. Until now, nobody guessed right. It are well known clones, not new 'cultivars'. They do look different if you compare them to typical (a lot larger) but from pics it's hard to see. Ada, what's your guess then?
  10. lucifer

    Which clone

    Nice guess, but what's the opninion of al the ceph "experts"? Only welshy that tries.
  11. lucifer

    Which clone

    In addition to the topic of ada, here are some pics of ceph clones. Up to you to label them correctly. All are grown in the same conditions and soil. A small test to see if the difference can be seen from the pic.
  12. Nice one. I've got some promising young plants but still have to wait a few years to be sure. Also some clones that i bought that were labelled "red" but still looking very normal to me. Any spares to trade?
  13. They went over the 60cm this year :-)