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  1. Treefrog

    Unknown Arum

    It seems like a Dracontium sp. maybe D. podophyllum. Sincerely
  2. Hi Daniel, the pot is 4'' Math
  3. 6 floral spike with 3-4 buds per spikes....that is a good sight The flowers of this clone are really big compared to the BestCarnivorous clone which is also flowering at the same time here Here are some pictures Sincerely Math
  4. I think your hamata needs a haircut Seriously, your plant is gorgeous. I'm amazed on the number of exeptional CP growers. Keep it up. Math
  5. reniformis is such a confusing specie. I know what we should do....begin all over with location identified seed. Math
  6. Lately, I've heard of a method for growing orchidioides utrics. It is called the ''oreo cookie method'' and from what I understand it consist of a large amount of perlite in sandwish betwenn two thin layers of sphagnum. I dont have more information on this method exept what is said in the folowing post ( and it for sure seem to work well. Math
  7. Hi Bob H, I believe your reniformis is not the same as the one I posted picture of. I have one similar to yours that I obtained as reniformis ''medium'' doesnt say much I know. The f. small I have is also call ''wavy leaf'' and is much smaller than the reniformis in your picture. Here are other picture taken from (I hope it is OK to post the picture here even if I dont know whom are the authors of the folowing pictures) By the way Bob, your reniformis is as always extrordinary...I really envy you. Sincerely Math
  8. I got the tobaica 2 in a trade. I always thought my tobaica 1 and tobaica 2 do not look the same at all. Could the tobaica 2 be N. gracilis?
  9. fiouf, a chance I only put a small plug of nephrophylla in it. What a relieve. Thanks everyone Math
  10. The Philo is P. cannifolium. I've worked numerous time with this specie during scientific study. I cant believe the price those plants are selled for. Instead of studying them, I should sell them Math
  11. Well for a change I decided to post pics of some Nepenthes I grow. Some of you may believe I'm narrow minded as I'm always posting in the Utricularia section...well you are right but I love Nepenthes also a bit. For sure I would have much more if I had bigger growing areas. They are not the top shape nepenthes as I sometime forgot to water them (I was in vaccation these last weeks and they suffered from it) but they proved to be very very resistant plants. N. ampullaria (is it normal it is all green?). N. rafflesiana (this is a vigourous grower, if only I was able not to gorgot to water it...It just loosed 6 pitcher :x ) N. alata (this plant can take everything!!!!) N. tobaica 1 N. tobaica 2 (this is a lovely small grower with red and green pitcher, a few weeks ago it had 7-8 pitcher but again I forgot to water it) Hope you like Math
  12. well, I guess it was not the most popular thread but here is an update of my little experiment which consisted of planting a small plug of nephrophylla in a sphagnum only pot and another one in a vermiculite only pot. Here are the results: close-up on the vermiculite plant close-up on the spagnum pot as you can see, the vermiculite only media is working great (until now) the only negative point about my experiment is thath I didnt took a very complicated grower but we have to do with what we have. All the best Math
  13. So nobody has ever seen a flower of the small form?????
  14. Hi Stephen, my mistake, I should have given more informations due to the amount of different reniformis around. I believe U. reniformis f. courte is also call ''small leaf' or simply ''small. Here are pictures of one of mine also, if anyone has information about its locality, the information will be more than welcome. Sincerely Math
  15. I was wondering what the flower looked like? Is it more similar to a nephrophylla? Is it big? I ask because this plant is very similar in size to U. nephrophylla but the ''petiole'' are longer and the leaves slightly bigger too. I've been growing this plant, it has numerous leaves (maybe 40) but I never saw anything similar to a flower spike yet. Sincerely Math