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  1. Thanks Jim!! The Butterworts and Dews I received from you are all doing very well!
  2. Thank you Sebulon! I haven't had it too long, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorites!
  3. Hello everyone, I don't post here much. I thought I'd share a few Pinguicula photos. They are doing very well for me this year. P. agnata True Blue P. Hauatla P. emarginata cyclosecta P. gracilis Thanks for looking, Crystal
  4. So far D. falconeri has been the easiest and has the highest strike rate that I've tried. I had two strikes within 8 days. I get about 1/4 strike rate from D. kennealyii, and finally got one strike out of probably 30 leaves on a complex D. paradoxa hybrid. It seems the theory is correct, the fuzzier (woollier) the plant is, the harder it is to get successful leaf pullings. Like Jim mentioned, seed are fairly easy. Just sow and forget about them for awhile. Very warm temperatures help, but probably aren't totally necessary. Crystal
  5. I believe phil is right, kath lives in NZ. I'd like to visit there one day. Crystal
  6. I live in North Carolina DM, nothing international about it ;). I sent ya those D. roseana gemmae awhile back, remember? Crystal
  7. Thanks for posting your pictures DM! I can only hope to attend something like that one day. I didn't realize their setup was so large. I wish I would have known about the Woolly dew sale. I would have paid ya to have picked some up for me lol. Crystal
  8. Thanks everyone of the kind comments and for the ID. It was a total surprise. I looked around some more today, but the weather has been windy and wet. The leaves that remained on the trees have now been blown everywhere covering the ground fairly well. From what I was able to see, there seem to be about 100 D. capillaris covering my ditch line. I'm sure there was probably double that before the weather cooled off. They are tough little plants, they have withstood freezing temperatures and frost. I can believe it! I honestly never thought I would have anything like that in my own backyard! I have some more exploring to do, but it will be when the rain stops. As of yet no VFTs. Crystal
  9. I was out in my backyard today and spotted something odd. I took a closer look and this is what I found growing along the ditch line of my property: The area that the Drosera and Sphagnum are growing in is shaded by trees. The soil is moist and sandy. Any idea what variety of Drosera they may be? I was thinking D. rotundifolia, but after comparing some pictures, I'm not completely sure. I find it ironic that I've been into CPs off and on for a few years and had no idea I had some growing naturally in my own backyard! Crystal
  10. I would like to give it a try as well if you have any left. Crystal
  11. I've had the D. graminifolia for awhile; probably for a few months now. It's grown several new leaves (and it's bloomed too). They all continue to turn black shortly after they uncurl. Unfortunately the blackening continues until the entire leaf is gone. By then though, a couple new leaves have grown to take it's place. The only thing I can think of is the heat. I would think it would be settled into it's new growing conditions by now, and just the heat is affecting it. It regularly stays in the 90's here with high humidity. It's hit well over 100 degrees this summer more times than I care to remember. I'm hoping it will improve this fall and winter when the temperature starts to cool off. Jim would you believe the S. purpurea only had a couple pitchers when I got it, and they were mostly green? It's amazing what the proper conditions can do to a plant. Thanks Rob-Rah for the ID confirmation. If it starts to look better this fall, and doesn't go into dormancy, I'll know for sure it's a D. graminifolia. I'll try to remember to post a follow up on it once the temps cool off here. Crystal
  12. Nice plants Jim! I purchased my D. graminifolia from a 'store' on eBay. I received my Dana's Delight and P. primuliflora from that seller as well. The other plants sold seemed to be named correctly. Is there anyway to be sure? Here is a bad picture of the plant in bloom. This was the plant a few weeks after I received it. Here's a picture of a D. adelae that I bought at Lowes on discount. It barely had any green left, now I have seven plantlets and the main plant survived. The main plant is at the top center. The top is starting to produce new green leaves with dew. Three plantlets can be seen; the rest are in another pot. /shrug, I thought it was fitting Lol!