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  1. Thanks Alexis, I have never experienced this and I grow sarracenias for multiple years. Many of my plants grow like that this year, so I don´t think it is a coincidence. It was the first year I kept the plants in the greenhouse in winter (with heating), I guess it has something to do with weather or temperature fluctuation.
  2. Hello CP enthusiasts, some of my sarracenias make this year pitchers first and after that comes the flower bud. As I know, the flower is always first, so it can be pollinated safely without trapping the insect. I am worried that these spring pitchers won´t grow so tall and how the next pitchers will be produced after the flower once the growth was discontinued. Have you ever experienced this? What can be the reason? Maybe the weather - changing very warm and chilly days? I am sending some pictures, you can see it well in the second picture (lidless flava). Thanks for any advice and opinion! Vladislav
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