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  1. I think you are missing the point here. By your own admission you germinated my seeds, so they were not the unviable seeds you reported above. At the time you sent me very pleased feedback. I sowed the seeds you returned to me and at last count had 65 seedlings germinate having sold you 60 seeds. Maybe I was just luckier than you with germination, I have never tried in vitro germination personally, mine were germinated using heat and under grow lights. I am glad you had success with the other seeds too. Drosera Regia is a great plant which every C.P grower should have in their collection. Edited to add: I clearly sent you more than 60 seeds :)
  2. Some of the seeds Florian mentions here as purchased off ebay came from me. He returned them to me saying they were unviable. I sowed them and had 100% germination. Florian has since purchased more seeds from me and reported good results germinating them. I did ask Florian to update this thread with the news the seeds were viable but sadly he chose not to do so.
  3. I've never fed mine even small seedlings catch flies readily enough. Maybe if you keep them indoors it might be a problem but in the glasshouse they seem to attract almost too many insects.
  4. How interesting and curious about the lack of pollen being produced. The white flowers are lovely. I have one clone of drosera regia that flowers and produces pollen but has never in the 10 years or so I have owned it, ever set seed. I have given up trying. As you say if you want to reproduce without another plant to cross with you will need to use root cuttings. If your other regia plants were grown from seed you can cross pollinate them, but of course if they were grown using root cuttings that will not work. Pollinating regia can be a time consuming and frustrating business.
  5. White flowers? I have never seen a drosera regia with a white flower..... looking at the flowers in the photo provided it looks as though most of the pollen has already been taken but it also looks as though the left flower has been pollinated as you say you have done above, the flower on the right is not ready to pollinate yet. You need to watch the flowers to see when the pollen is ready to transfer, I usually lean over one flower stalk and pollinate one flower from one plant to another flower on another plant. Gets a bit awkward sometimes though when you have a lot of plants :) Could you show a photo of the whole white flowering plant alongside a pink flowered regia? It sounds most unusual.
  6. Thanks for the warning Sheila, I understand where you are coming from even if others do not.
  7. It sounds like it needs more light.
  8. I had numerous drosophyllums in clay pots on my aluminium staging. The tray they were on wasn't strong enough to carry so much weight and it crumpled in on itself, so the whole lot ended up on the floor, plants out of pots, and some half out. It was quite a mess. As I was in a hurry, I just grabbed the plants shoved them back into their pots with very little care, replaced what compost I could and expected them all to die on me. In fact they all survived and were none the worse for their experience.
  9. mine were all outside and frozen solid for days and at times were also covered in snow/ice, they came through it without any problems.
  10. I've grown drosophyllums for many years, but have to admit I have no idea how long it takes from first flowers buds to flowering or to seeds ripening, guess I've never given it much thought. Frank is right though if you want seeds they will usually self pollinate easily enough but to ensure maximum numbers of seeds you need to be active with a paint brush between flowers if two or more are open or self pollinate them. And yes the flowers are only open for a day.
  11. Both plants have settled and are growing nicely. Thats interesting, I am assuming you mean blood red inside the flower? I'll have a look next time they flower, it would be nice to give them a name .
  12. I don't do anything special, sometimes I soak, sometimes I don't. I recently sowed seeds that were 2 years old which had been in my fridge for the 2 years, and they are germinating well about 6 weeks after I sowed them. Those I did soak for about 48 hours in water, no other treatment. I have about 40 or so plants, and always sow to replace those that inevitably die each year. I used to scratch the seeds and things like that but never found any improvement in germination. It takes about 6 weeks for germination in an ordinary greenhouse at this time of year.
  13. Good photos, accurate descriptions, quick postage and reasonable postage charges and a lot of positive feedback. Though feedback can be a curse, We sent out some seeds to a woman, posted them within an hour of her doing "buy it now" and she gave us a 2/5 for delivery as it took royal mail 10 days to deliver them which is not the point of the feedback really. As for postal charges I believe people do not realise how expensive a first class large letter stamp is, or how much a padded envelope costs either. And yet if you sent the seeds in an ordinary envelope unprotected they would grumble that the seeds had been crushed in the post. I saw those pinguicula listings too, if you mean the local pick up only ones.
  14. Phil, is Shamrock peat a brand name? I've gone through several 100L bags of J Arthur Bowers peat this year so far and it is good quality, plants all growing great and nice fine peat, no plastic bags or anything untoward.