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  1. Hi, thanks! Here is one of my most favourite orchidflower in this time. (Masdevallia barleana) Benedict
  2. Hi, here are some fotos of today. I hope you like them. N. densiflora pitcher, Br. reducta and U. nelumbifolia: fresh leave of Lecanopteris pumila: Some Bromelias: N. sibuyanensis: N. argentii with Pilea microphyllum: Streptocarpella spec.: Dendrobium nathanielis: flowering Pachicentria glauca: kindest regards, Benedict
  3. Thanks for the lovely comments. I´m crazy about it, too regards, Benedict
  4. Hi, here are some actually pics from my terri which is only 2 monthes old;-) from the left... ... the right N. ephippiata: Streptocarpella spec. Masdevallia barleana with 5 inflorescens:-) Masdevallia mary staal which is flowering since one month: N. singalana x dubia: Hope you like them, Benedict
  5. hahaha No Martin the Camere is not mine, it´s the Cam of my Dad, and I can lend it just a few weeks I would take new photos with higher quality (according to customs). Bene
  6. Hi, Yes I think it´s a nearly perfekt clima, I hope that the plants think so too*g* The N. rajah was a few month without much light...but now it is the complete room full of light. I´m anxious to see what happens in one year and how are looking the plants:-) No Andreas there aren´t any kind of animals in the Tank. I keep animals and carnivoures plants always seperaed;-) Bene
  7. Hi, the conditions in the Terra is about 19-23°c on day and around 14-16°c at night. It´s realy funny, because I´m indeed very inspired by the Nepenthes-Terra. of Matthias Teichert and Markus Welge;-) Bene
  8. Hi, thx! i´m looking forward to see the Terra in one year. My ephippiata is about 30 to 35cm in diameter. The pitchers are about 8 cm. I hope she will grow not so fast....i could get some problems with the space*gg* Bene
  9. Hi here is my new Highlandterri. I hope you like it:-) N. rajah without pitchers:-/ Scaphosepalum ovulare: N. aristolochioides: N. inermis and N. ephippiata: Benedict
  10. Hi and thanks, here is a detailed photo of my Scaphosepalum grande. Bene
  11. Good evening, here are some photos of my highlandplants. N. ephippiata: N. dubia x singalana: N. macrophylla: Bene
  12. Hello, here are some photos about my plants, hope you like them. Nepenthes muluensis x lowii: Scaphosepalum spec.: Sc. ovulare and Sc. spec.: Scaphosepalum ovulare: Myoxanthus punctatus: Nepenthes muluensis x lowii and N. mira: N. ramispina and Dischidia ruscifolia: Bene
  13. Hi yesterday I´ve made some photos: A very nice Scaphosepalum dalstroemii flower (Orchid): N. mira: Highlandterri.: hope you like them, Bene