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  1. Yeah I fully agree with you guys. Most people seem to be on Facebook. I also was there but now go back to the roots because this is more fun here
  2. Wow this is amazing Francois. I love vogelii since I have seen one in Leiden a few years back. Good job buddy
  3. Well it depends on pot size. But I usually use about 4-5 pearls in a 6x6cm pot. Make sure u use the one for rhododendron. Ours are yellow with some other white peels inside. Don't use this white stuff...
  4. Hi I use osmocote for all my vft. Work wonders. Well I have a dozen small ones propagated from TC :)
  5. Hi My patches are doing great. Still no real summer here but the plants make nice traps. Even the small ones. They even love the fertiliser
  6. Yeah me too, planted out the first dozen of them cultured from explant(leaves) Isn´t it flat? Damn i missed it
  7. Thanks for translating the mail Matt. Hope this is OK for Andreas if he read it... For me it is clear, and i hope for the other people here too. patches is not infected by a virus.
  8. Just got an Email from Dr. Andreas Fleischmann about the patches. he dont think that it is a virus and explained why. I asked him if he can write something here because my english is not good enough to translate this into English...
  9. Well yeah I also think that Geoff mention to me that it is virus free. If anyone have the chance to make a serious test I can donate a few plants fresh out of my lab...
  10. didnt we discussed this in an older thread? i´m sure this is not caused by a virus... i asked some good friends about their opinion and they told me it is not a virus... Having the plants for 3 years among my other flytraps and the "virus" you talk about didnt spread....
  11. awesome, guess we have to swap cultures soon
  12. Ok well I remember that I send out 3 plants in Europe but forgot who got them.
  13. Awesome. Did you got the plant from me? Yes it seems IMO they need a growing season to show the patches. But after this they are stable and steady grower
  14. Yes i Talk about the same. If I write it is stable I also mean that is stable from cutting. You can reproduce them
  15. This are stable since a few years. The original plant came from my good friend in Australia.
  16. Thanks guys. They are in multiplication right now and I hope to release the first in 3months.
  17. Here a picture from last year
  18. Sure from last year. I can upload some this weekend.
  19. Hi all friends I remember i have send out a bunch of vft patches a few years ago. How turned your plants out? My plants are doing great but it took a few months until they have shown signs of patches... Now they are great and produce patches on each trap... Cheers Jens
  20. Hi i took some pics of 2 heliamphora today. they grow under LED since february and seem to love it...
  21. Well I use Stripes with 5050 LED Chipset. And different wavelenghts, it depends on what you want to grow. They work awesome and we did a group order together with Wistuba, he also changed his lights in the lab to stripes. Here are some pics from my test setup in the living room N. pervileii grown under LED I wrote some time ago about the stripes on my homepage(sorry dont have much time for updates) Please take a look here http://jb-botanics.com/led-lights/
  22. Hi IMO white LED are worthless for lighting plants. We made many research this year about LED and threw away much money for this but found out that if you use the right wavelengths it can be very efficient. I now use since beginning of the year LED Stripes in my lab and the plants love it plus i save more than 50% in energy costs. I also use these lights in my basement and living room for Heliamphora, Nepenthes and some other stuff and it work awesome..
  23. what i can tell is that the new seedbatch is growing much faster as the ones back in 2007. i have many in TC and hardening is very easy
  24. Hi I had some spare time to take some pics today. Its not the best quality but better as nothing. I wish i would have more motivation to take some pics of my bigger plants too but i dont have a good place to take pictures of them and outside the basement it is to cold right now... N. edwardiana couple N. edwardsiana AW N. edwardsiana SG N. hamata AW N. macrophylla Carow N. truncata QoH x KoS (20-25cm Pitcher) My LED grow ;P VFT Patches
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