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  1. I never said Silmarillion was an easy-reading book. In fact it is really hard to follow it as Loakesy said with all those names and locations. However it is the birth of an entire world. OH and Unfinished Tails is helpfull too in giving some more details mostly aobut some events in Silmarillion.
  2. Katerina your site is ok. No major mistakes. Try reading Silmarillion and you'll understand what Tolkien means. Thousand times better than LotR. Liv Tyler actually has a sister that supposedly looks like her.
  3. Nice plants. Don't worry about your english, I'm not english and I understand so it should be ok for the others as well.
  4. Katerina you look a lot like Hilary Swank in the first pic.
  5. Vash

    Pygmy Id?

    I actually do see some difference By the way I second the nitidula form, but which one.....now that's hard to guess.
  6. This has just a little bit more info http://www.answers.com/Pholcus%20phalangioides Most possibly just a myth.
  7. I believe too this is a crane fly. I think it's also called dragon fly (or did I just said something stupid?). Whatever it is the capensis sure is happy
  8. Could you specify which form you have. I think that dichotoma can tolerate fine a light frost with the sarraceniae. But multifida would be better off indoors. See also this thread http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23332 No idea why it didn't work. Retried twice and now it works fine.
  9. Very nice photo. What clone is it? I thought most capensis had pink flowers not puprle ones.
  10. Vash

    Drosera I.d. Please

    Most possibly D. capensis
  11. Nice macros , though you could have a higher F-stop. How about another plant
  12. Vash

    D. Capensis

    Just be sure to give it what it wants. Sun, pure water and....wait that's all . It'll survive probably. A picture though would help. Just to see how bad it is. Oh and by the way a trap only rolls over large prey and for me it takes I guess a couple of hours or so. For medium prey it bends and for small prey the tentacles just move it, like Sheila said already.
  13. I'll disagree with that my friend 6 flower stalks and 5 more emerging and no sing of leaf production. In my opinion it depends on the stress your plant takes. Flowering obviously adds stress, but I don't think it's enough to hinder growth. Here's a photo for comparison of a... not so good plant. (that's my plant when I got it )
  14. Well in order for mist to exist it requires 100% RH. After all that's what mist is. Water unable to be withheld within the atmosphere. If you see mist you definitely got 100% RH.
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