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  1. That greenhouse looks really great! And many flowers
  2. Yes I know what the numbers mean.. The LE02 was my own label for that particular plant :/ Not the number of anyone else. But I did not know how you guys label the seedlings, and if you even label them. And it seems ok to label only the one's who are most worth it (after e few years) Thanks for the help anyway Yves
  3. So in theory if I had 100 seedlings, I should label the seeds from LE03 to LE103 or what?
  4. Hey all, I have these 2 questions: 1: I took some seed from my Leucophylla plant 2 years ago (I selfed it) and sown the seed last year, The plant is called LE02. Can I call the seedlings also LE02 or not? 2: I also sown some S purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla seed. Should the plants also be complete green or not? Because my plants have some red in it I got it from a reliable source. Greetings and thanks in advance for helping me Yves
  5. Hi folks, thanks for the replies. Is the correct name now D. villosa var ascendens or just D. ascendens? Bob, I will change the name of D. ericksoniae in D. ornissa. Paulo, the cephalotus medium is 100% pure peat. Alexis, The information I got said that it was that species.. maybe it was incorrect
  6. Many flowers in the bog garden A huge place for D. filiformis ssp filiformis and d. binata A Drosophyllum bought at the EEE from Rogier van Loenen (thanks!) D. Ornissa flowering D. Madagascariensis Is this D. Vilosa?? Unknown pinguicula's
  7. Hi everyone, here are some pictures of today! Enjoy S. Alata heavily veined,Red Lid AL19 S. x miniata, adrian slack 1987 clone (minor x alata) Some S. Flava var flava in the bog S. Flava var ornata S. Flava var rubricorpora opening pitcher S. Flava var atropurpurea ? (bought it from gert hoogenstrijd at the EEE at Leiden.) S. Leucophylla doing well at the bog S. Purpurea ssp purpurea making some huge pitchers this year A small S. Rubra ssp gulfensis, giant form, Yellow river; Florida PWilson A new pitcher for the S. Excellens Many S. purpurea ssp venosa? in the bog between the spaghnum Very dark red S. x 'judith hindle' Great looking plant S. purpurea ssp purpurea x ( S. Leucophylla x S. Purpurea ssp purpurea ) Small S. 'Diana Whitakker' with misformed lip Sarracenia seedlings Cephalotus looking good I think Thanks for watching
  8. Could I be wrong if I say that the minor is a hybrid of something with minor in it? :?
  9. Very interesting!! Never seen them so close ps, Welcome to the forum
  10. Yes we do have black birds in belgium. But I guess they haven't found the way to my house yet
  11. the macro's are amazing! thank you for this
  12. I place windows and doors in aluminum. Also veranda's and other aluminum constructions.