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  1. Hi all, My Sarracenia Oreophilia's seem to have broken out with lumps. Does anyone know where these are from and how to get rid of them? Thanks
  2. Just out of curiosity, is it the more harder the water, the worse it is for CP's? Or the other way round? Cause I live in the east midlands and am also beginning to feel the issues that come with a lack of rainwater (I have 5 water butts, but only 1 has rainwater and that one is half full).
  3. Well, the local places dont sell rainwater (the confused reaction of the person on the end of the phone when you ask if they sell rainwater is priceless). Unfortunately I have 2 buckets left and thats from the dirty water at the bottom of the water butts. So my question is this: We have a pond in our garden and my dad adds a chemical solution which is meant to make the tap water properties similar to that of rainwater by getting rid of the harmfull chemicals. With this in mind, could pond water be used as water for the plants? "I'd try to find a river or stream if you're desperate. " Thats actually a good idea as I live just a 5 minute walk from a river.
  4. Hi all So its been the driest 2 months, pretty much ever. The fact that I have 3 water butts that are all very very low on water leads me to believe that I am certainly not the only one worried about lack of water for the CP's. So given that there isnt likely to be any rainfall till at least the end of the week, is there any suggestions as to what I, and others in my situation, can do?
  5. Hi all I brought a new vft from a garden centre a few weeks ago, and it started doing something I've never seen before - growing traps from a stalk. Is this normal?
  6. Hi all So a few weeks ago I finally got something I have wanted for years - a greenhouse (8 ft by 10ft). I have about 60 cp's and most recently I brought 12 sarracenia's and 10 nepenthes. Thing is, with the Sarracenia's, they are attracting flies like nobodies business. Its not uncommon to see 3 or 4 flies on them and to hear the moans of trapped flies. The Nepenthes, however, haven't been quite so sucesfull. In the weeks I have had them, Ive seen just one fly walking on them, though one did catch a bee the other day. Looking into their traps though they dont seem to have caught anything, so my question to those who know about these sorts of things, is the nepenthes not exactly known for their effectiveness of catching flies?
  7. This has happened over the last week or so: (Note: the picture with the hand is for focusing reasons) Anyone know whats happening?
  8. Nice video. Was that moths I saw on your Butterwort? Cause if so, Im suprised butterworts could capture something that big :)
  9. Hi The trouble is, my flowers have opened and are almost completely closed now and the stem for the flowers is only just starting to go brown. If I were to rub them against paper, Im not sure if it would do any good as the flowers have practicaly closed up already.
  10. Ok, I can leave the Drosera indoors and have the Sarracenia's outside. What about the VFT's?
  11. Hi all When I brought my mini greenhouse, I also brought this: This cover is said to protect the plants against frost during the winter so with the following plants inside the greenhouse with that cover on, will they survive the winter? Venus flytrap (not sure which one, its got very short stems with red interior traps) Drosera Capensis Drosera Nidiformus Drosera Aliciae Sarracenia Purpurea Sarracenia flava
  12. I know what you mean about the slightly translucent brown, but it isn't that. Sorry about the picture quality. Didn't realised it had focused on the wrong part but hopefully you will see what I mean.
  13. Hi all I have a *new* Flava which is of a good length and has only opened up (half open at the moment) within the last day or two, yet already for some reason about 3/4 up its stem there is a brown patch. Is this natural or could something be wrong?
  14. Lazz

    Flies escaping?

    Ahh ok :) p.s I also have some Flava's now :)
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