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  1. Hi all. First time back since 2019! Lockdown took a lot out of me, but I still have my outside bogs and a Nepenthes hanging up in the window (which I have succcessfully propagated and given to a friend). But here's a little something I wrote a couple of weeks ago, just popped into my head. šŸ˜ Ode to a Venus Fly Trap My leaves are green, my mouth is red I wait in patience to be fed I have no eyes to see the sky No ears to hear the humming fly But insect of my scent beware For should you trip my trigger hair My jaws will close with silent snap And you will struggle in my trap For Iā€™m the arthropod consumer Dionaea Muscipula
  2. I've just noticed what look like thrips on one of my heli's old leaves. Looks like pepper. I've had these before on sundews and successfully got rid of them by drenching the plant in provado. Can I do this with the heli? I'm not sure how widespread they are, I'll have a proper look at the weekend, but if so, then they're probably in the soil. Drench? Spray? Both or neither? Any advice gratefully received. -Dave
  3. lorisarvendu

    Bogs 2015

    My planter bogs, containing various pitchers, some hardy British sundews, and at least 3 d.capensis (in their 2nd year)
  4. Yes, and they've managed to push their way through the peat moss carpet too. I'm really pleased about this because sundews are by far my favourite CP.
  5. In case anyone wonders, yes d. capensis can survive outside in a bog in the UK. I'm in the East Midlands, and here's proof positive - 3 Cape Sundews coming back to life in a large planter that froze over during the winter.
  6. lorisarvendu

    Bogs and Outside July 2014

    Taking advantage of this luvverly sunny weather!
  7. That is a lovely looking bog, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves over the years. Though you realise the purpurea will eventually take over (if the drosera doesn't)!
  8. I didn't know that! I've manged to get a bunch of seedlings into another pot. I might sacrifice them in the cause of experiment then. Speaking of capensis, would they do ok in an outside bog then? And what about binata?
  9. I sometimes wonder about the rainwater coming off our roof, carrying all the grit and minerals from the slates, along with dissolved pigeon poo chock full of nitrates. Looking at it that way, Brita filtered water doesn't sound half so bad.
  10. I bought a Brita filter jug about 3 years ago just for such an eventuality, and it has saved my plants on many an occasion. Plus we found we actually like the taste of the filtered water. I have bogs out the back too, and they have never complained over filtered water.
  11. Do you really mean 20cm? Isn't that a bit thick for moss? Sure you don't mean 20mm? This year I discovered 5 or 6 d.rotundifolia and d.anglica that had self-seeded and grown through established sphagnum, so yes they have no difficulty.
  12. You seem to have an identical collection of plants to me. Plus I also have a Belfast sink in the garden, though it is currently unused. I couldn't use it for a bog now, as we have rabbits in the garden and they would quickly make a meal of all my plants. I have had to use plastic troughs raised a metre or so above the ground. I'd agree that your Butterwort looks Mexican as it looks the same as mine. As does your Cape Sundew. Both of these have been living happily on a south-facing indoor window ledge for at least the last five years, and would not do well in a bog. The capensis in particular doesn't do very well out in the sun anyway. It goes red and dries up if I don't put it in some kind of shade.
  13. Well the bogs are starting to come back to life with a vengeance now that the sun's getting higher. I went out today to have a poke around, you know pluck out weeds that were starting to grow, that sort of thing. And I was surprised and delighted to see three more sundews lurking in the moss in between the sarra shoots. From the look of things they're the old English round-leaved variety and they appear to have seeded. I've moved them out from the sarras because they'll get swamped once they start growing. Looks like if nothing else I'm successful with sundews!
  14. lorisarvendu

    Sundew Surprise

    I thought all my outdoor sundews were dead, until I found 3. Today I found even more!
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