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    VFT Big Tomato

    Hi Geoff, thanks for showing me that very big and beautiful plant!!!! Big tomatoe seems to be very vigorous.... Thanks Cheers Max
  2. Hi Heather, i don't agree with this phrase....from my experience a simply cross teeth it's very different from long red fingers, the shape of the trap and the shape of the leaf are different, they have only the shape of teeth in common...
  3. very beautiful and interesting plants...the second have great red fused teeth...and you don't tell me anything? ;-P do you grow them in a greenhouse? i don't know who Claudia is but....if she has the same lips of your plants.... Cheers Max
  4. Hi Matze, you have a beautiful collection there.....very interesting vfts... Max
  5. Hi Graham.... it's a very interesting vft, and i like it, it's as particular as beutiful..... thanks Max
  6. i really love that plant, it's a pleasure for my eyes!!!! and the same for red microdents..... thanks Guil for showing us that beautiful pics....... Max
  7. What to say.....Gayl your plants are great as always!!!! that weired funnel it's very interesting!! i hope you'll give us a some informations about that Fondue flower.... Max
  8. My Funnel produces funneled traps very rarely...maybe 1 o2 in a season.....
  9. Hi Gayl, very beautiful plants!!!! i think Fondue it's soooooo sexy!!!
  10. Really really impressive sarracenias.......but what about vfts??
  11. Hi all.....obviously i know the plat that produces that flower are on the wrong way..... that's not an Utricularia....try again ;-P if i'll be at home when that flower opens i'll put another pic....but before i hope you guess.... bye bye Max
  12. Hi my friends.... who knows what kind of cp produces this tiny flower, not opened yet? Thanks Max
  13. Grazie per aver comprato le mie piante. Il totale comprensivo delle spese di spedizione per entrambe le piante verso l'Italia e' di £24.84. Ho aggiunto £3.50 per la prima pianta e £1 per la seconda. Se dai un'occhiata al listino prezzi puoi vedere che le spese di spedizione sono di £3.50 per ogni pianta, ma dato che tu ne hai comprate due, il prezzo e' stato ridotto a £1 per la seconda. Penso che tu abbia fatto confusione quando io ti ho offerto l'assicurazione postale a £3.50, che e' la quantita' imposta dalla Royal Mail. Non aggiungerei mai il prezzo totale (£3.50 + £3.50)per inviare due piante allo stesso indirizzo con lo stesso pacco. Per favore effettua il pagamento via Paypal di £24.84 all'indirizzo [email protected] Riceverai le piante in breve tempo non appena io avro' ricevuto il pagamento. Cordiali saluti Alex Translation done..... Max
  14. Salut Cedric, i love this pics, very beautiful plants!!!! Max
  15. very beautiful plants...... thanks for posting...... Max P.S.: i'll send you something soon....
  16. As Trev's a very very interesting plant!!! if you want to trade something contact me.....
  17. very beautiful and healthy plants!!!
  18. Hi Julien, very beautiful pics & plants!!!! and don't worry for you english ;-P i like that little unnamed vft......very interesting
  19. very beautiful plants!!! i love Louchapates....
  20. As always Guil, very beautiful plants, so, is your pom pom stable? that's the daughter of your other plant or i don't remember well? Max
  21. Thanks Amaury, we have the same B09 and Miniature form are exactly like yours!
  22. i have B09 and miniature form. they're very soon as i can i'll post some pics....... my B09 has never flowered but my miniature clone flowers many times..... Max
  23. solfami

    Some photo of my VFT

    wow!! very beautiful plants!!! thanks for posting..... Max