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  1. Hi all, it's time for me to thing about a little greenhouse mainly for dionaeas, sarracenias and droseras, but i have some questions and i'm sure you can help me.. I live in Italy and here the sun during the hot season is really strong, do you think that 4 mm panel are good enough or 6 mm is better, and why? Another question is about typical polycarbonate panels of glass like panels....wich one is better and why? Thank you so much for your advices Max
  2. if so the next new pitchers should be ok...thanks for the informations
  3. I saw some black spots inside one of those deformed pitchers so i cut it down and opened, inside i've found a kind of little worm and some black "dust"....that's strange!
  4. Yes i still have cold nights and i received the plant 3/4 weeks ago...but no aphids
  5. Hi guys Any idea about what is going on my Leah?? Thanks Max
  6. beautiful plants!!! and huge pot of darlingtonia!
  7. Poldinii is one of my favourite! very nice plants
  8. Welcome between us Diane!
  9. solfami

    Seed grown Dionaea

    I really like this one!!! congrats!!
  10. Ciao Vale, i hope you'll have a lot of traps like's very cool!!! i had many similar traps on different clones during the last season but unfortunatly only on one leaf.... :-(, they don't seem to be stable.... Cheers Max
  11. solfami

    VFT Big Tomato

    Hi Geoff, thanks for showing me that very big and beautiful plant!!!! Big tomatoe seems to be very vigorous.... Thanks Cheers Max