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  1. Thanks Here's the setup, quite simple (Canon 60D + 55-250 + Raynox DCR-250 macro converter)
  2. Hello all Been a while since I last posted anything, even barely taking any pics of my cps... Lost most of my collection over the last 2 or 3 years, due to a combination of pest attacks, negligence from who was supposed to water them during summer vacations, and bad luck, but still have some survivors. For you to have and idea of how bad it was, I just have 1 capensis left lol. Here are a few photos from some of the survivors from a couple weekends back Drosera spatulata (?), appeared as hitchhiker Drosera pulchella x nitidula Drosera scorpioides Sunday also photo day, started sooner so better lighting Drosera capensis Drosera spatulata Drosera scorpioides Drosera pulchella x nitidula Drosera binata I guess that's enough
  3. For those who use imageshack for uploading photos, I got a warning message today that all accounts will be limited to 500 images, those who have more than that will have to buy a premium account or by the 1st of March all images will be deleted except the 500 more recent... Well I had over 2000 since I registered in January 2006... so don't get surprised if many of my older photos star appearing with the red cross, because I had to make some massive selection of photos until I have 500 left
  4. Been a while Quite a few months I barely took pics of the cps, and been a bit away from forums, but I'm back Utricularia longifolia, 1st time flowering! Also have another pot sending a stalk, and even another stalk coming up from the water tray (already potted). March 13th March 21st March 28th Also from this weekend: Sarracenia miniata And a 3year old seedling of Nepenthes splendiana x (spathulata x veitchii), the only survivor. This seedling went through a year of almost no growth at all, but it seems to be getting on the way now There are still the scorpioides flowering, but those I still have to get them open and in a photo mood Enjoy.
  5. Polinating was sucessfull, seed pods ripe and yesterday I placed some of the seeds in water. Took some pics with a few hours interval and I will try it again, but with less time between pics some day with more spare time Flowers Seed pod 13h55min 16h10min 18h43min 23h30min Now when sowing, I'll have to try some peat and perlite mix, not enough sphagnum for all Enjoy.
  6. Hi all I have flower stalks on my nelumbifolia, and also flowers already open on the 1st stalk, though the 1st to open already fell down. How long do the flowers usually stay open? Is about 1 week the average duration? I want some seed so I'm also going to try to polinate them. Shouldn't be that hard as I've found some helpfull pics and the flowers have a reasonable size. Wish me luck I'll post any updates.
  7. Darlingtonia californica... sometime ago I was told they were kind of slow growers... Yeah right :laughing: February 2008 when I got them Early March, after repotting Late September 2008 can be seen here http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28951 October... And here they are, freshly awaken from winter #1 #2 I see very likely repottings next year, specially for this one :smiling: Never expected it would fill the pot in one season Now Utricularia nelumbifolia. After spending all winter sending stolons, and after coming up from a week of drowning due to possible thrips attack, I had this surprise: Flowers on the way?
  8. No crop. All pics were taken with Canon Powershot S5 IS, but in the 1st 3 I used a macro converter (Raynox DCR-250)
  9. 1st gemmae of the season over here a few days ago, Drosera pulchella x nitidula. While waiting for the scorpioides to produce gemmae I took a few pics, as they are doing way better than my 1st year (noob mistakes with soil mix,as there was no mix at all... ), that the majority of them hasn't grown at their best. Typical on the left, large form on the right Typical Large form Enjoy
  10. Got the Drosera paradoxa in late October 2007, and these 2 Darlingtonia in late February this year, in the typical carniflora 8.5cm round pots. The paradoxa was pretty much dead with just a few green in the middle and took about 1month to show any more signs of growth And today: Now the Darlingtonia, considering #1 the left and #2 the right one, notice the stolon just emerging under the pitcher in #1 plant on the 2nd pic: #1 plant has been more prone to produce stolons than #2 that only has 2 of them, but it doesn't colour up and grows as nicely as #2 :smiling: They are now in 12cm square pots. #1 This is the same stolon today #2 my personal favorite of the 2 :laughing: Enjoy ;)
  11. It doesn't have flowers and there are bladders along with a plantlet coming out the pot holes, so here they are The plantlet can be seen on this older pic, lower right
  12. Hi Iggy Try lowering the ISO in your pics, they will get a lot less grainy and the pics will look even better
  13. http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8277 and http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13565
  14. I_Pereira

    Drosera peltata

    Andreas I did Here are some pics: Just germinated: Couple weeks later: 6 weeks: Almost 2months: