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  1. I place it in the bottom of my pots sometimes to stop the peat going through the drainage holes.
  2. It may be root mealy bug. If you put the root in water see if a white powder floats to the surface.
  3. I use full depth pots but square ones, fit nicely together to save space. You can get small ones in a nursery or larger ones online.
  4. Yes just pour it over and around, any that comes out the bottom I pour onto the next one. I think you are supposed to repeat every so many months. The ones I can see I squash, although some people dab them with methalated spirit on a paint brush, its the root mealy bugs that are my problem,even attack my sarracenia and you dont know they are there until you go to repot or the plant looks sickly.
  5. They are a terrible pest arent they, get in the soil and attacks the roots as well. On my lithops I use in the form of a drench, Provado Vine Weevil Killer, should be O.K. for Cacti too.
  6. AAJ


    Thank you Chris, that's very helpful.
  7. AAJ


    Unable to source Akadama locally am I right in thinking there is a cat litter alterative ?
  8. My 6 X 10 greenhouse busting at the seams Left side, And the right,
  9. I think the second picture is alabamensis.
  10. I notice this is how the plant in question is now labelled on Aidan's website, so he has rectified his original naming. quote :- ipF05c Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora 'Burgundy' One of a number of clones in circulation under this name. When I purchased it back in 2005 it was stated CV and I still have the original label with that on, so if I have misled anyone stating it as a Burgundy cultivar its because I believed it was.
  11. Hey, Ive just caught up with this thread. I am the seller you are discussing and would never knowingly deceive anyone. I sold two different clones of Burgundy, the one I called a CV came from Aiden Selwyn and I have this blog on it. [s. flava var.rubricorpora cv ‘Burgundy’ (SF05c) Slack – ex. Oxford University Field Centre [OBG] – Micropropagated from original (?) Slack clone. [stL-003] Aiden Selwyn ] The second which apparently I mis-spelt came from a chap called Benjamin Dawkins and he described it as Burgundy form which is what I stated. Incidentially, the remaining divisi
  12. AAJ

    A record?

    Thanks for finding that picture mrAlmond, the rehderi is beautiful. Yes Andy it should have been divided but I have had so many to do this year this one has escaped. I had a leucophila with a lot of flowers last year but it payed the price by producing few pitchers, this year I have split it to rejuvinate whats left.
  13. AAJ

    Leaning pitchers

    Yes, S. rubra for instance. Why live sphagnum moss? I would use that for heliamphora but sarracenia are usually potted into a peat and perlite mix.
  14. AAJ

    A record?

    60 A way to go then, but not bad from a 14 cm pot.
  15. AAJ

    A record?

    Here is a picture of my S. popei X Slacks Maxima, it has 32 flower heads! and No, I havent pollinated them.
  16. Interesting video but should imagine not many of us have a tuning fork. I tried to self pollinate last year but unsuccesfully. This year I have two different species in flower so I just rubbed them together. wonder if it will work!
  17. 5 bulbs x 24hrs, Blimey, Joel you must be rich! It did come from ebay but pretty sure it was the real m'coy, chap is a powerseller and website www.enviro-gro-lites.co.uk Phil you dont hit the fair sex.
  18. I have had my heli's outside in a propagator during the summer, as it became colder I moved the propagators into the conservatory. Last Sunday I decided with the colder temps and shorter photoperiod it was time to move them into the terrarium I had ready with a reflector and envirolite. Today just five days later the bulb has gone! I'm not in a hurry to replace it at the price paid, has anybody else experianced such a short bulb life?
  19. AAJ

    My cacti :)

    Very healthy looking collection Tengel, and lovely flowers. I'm amazed at the size of flower the echinopsis produced.
  20. Arrived already!

    Lovely plant and great packing, thank you as well for the lovely red sphagnum you included.

  21. Arrived already!

    Lovely plant and great packing, thank you as well for the lovely red sphagnum you included.

  22. Sounds like brown heart disease Bill, suddenly appears just when everything is going well! http://www.pinguicula.org/A_world_of_Pingu...s/diseases1.htm
  23. Several years ago I made liquid fertilizer using nettles instead of comfrey, it smelt like slurry. Obviously the flies thought it was and laid their eggs in it. They hatched into these maggots, a horrible mass all linked together by theitr tails. I didnt know what they were and flushed them down the drain, never to repeat the project again.
  24. AAJ

    N. albomarginata

    Is it possible to tell which colour the pitchers will be when the plant is small, by the leaves for instance or unformed pitchers? Growers, which is the most attractive colour in your opinion? Thanks.