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  1. He certainly did will try and post picture later
  2. Ive had the plant now for two years Amar . I bought it last year from Mike King and split it up into 5 individual plants When they were first split they didnt take to well to it but this year they have come back really really well . Even took root cuttings to see if i could propagate from them . Just waiting to see how they grow this season . Duane
  3. these were taken today . growing back nicely from last years plants . not all capensis are weeds hope you like them
  4. Have a look hereBob Z Photo finder D. collinsiae looks like this CLICK HERE D. nidiformis looks like this CLICK HERE Hopefully this will help Duane
  5. Hi Andy I have grown some seed myself from here and raised it in an unheated greenhouse for the past 2 - 3 years . I do have it growing outside in a mini bog garden so you will be pretty safe yourself having it outside . Regards Duane
  6. Hi just to let you all know that our website Shropshire Carnivores is now open . If there is anything that you like good or bad about the website just drop us a line . Regards Duane
  7. I would agree 1 D. spatulata 2 D. nididformis 3 D. capensis " typical"
  8. Stunning photos . Wish i had the ability to try and grow them Duane
  9. Hi Steve if you want you can cut one of the pitchers where the browning as occured and just check what is causing the problem . I'm with Dicon and Loaksey on this one it looks like it has overfed itself on bugs and insects and it is a case of them beginning to rot down . Duane
  10. Thats it as simple as that . No set size to what the cuttings should be . In fact i had some off Stephen ( gardenofeden ) last year and they are doing really good this year already .
  11. That is such a great picture Stephen . I just don't know why though , it looks almost alien like . Duane
  12. Thank you for the nice replys @ jimscott thanks for the pictures i've now taken a couple of leaf pulls and hoefully they will start growing for next year . @ Dani sorry i do not have any more information about the ascedens apart from i purchased it from Steve T at one of Mike King's open days about 2 yrs ago . Maybe Steve T will be able to tell us a bit more about them ? regards Duane
  13. I think the question is do you want 1 plant or 200 in with all your others