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  1. Update: I have achieved my advanced national certificate in Horticulture I now have a job working for a nursery specializing in specimin plants and trees, I am currenty empolyed as a nurseryman but next year ( all goin well) I will be promoted to head of propogation. I have left Wyevale and don’t intend on going back.. I love my new job. I have also had to put a hold on ebay selling as I do not have the time to sell stuff at the moment. Dan
  2. Wow what a cool/ werid flower... dan
  3. Nice site, the only comment i have is that the pages are too big to fit in the window on my screen so i have to sroll across to see the menu on the right. apart from that its a great site and i like some of ur photos
  4. The Savage Garden by Perter D'Amato is the only one i have but its a great book so no need for more :) dan
  5. I am a college student Studing for my advanced national certificate in Amenity and Decorative Horticulture. ie doing stuff with plants . At the weekend i work for Wyevale garden center in the plantarea and on tills dan ps. sry int posted in a while been bit busy.
  6. Hehe i have to join in here.... now heres me dan p.s thanks bob for lettin me use ur space :)
  7. My Sister is a webdesigner and she uses Dreamweaver too, from what i seen it looks good to me. dan
  8. thanks for all the help guys. i had a thought, would they be fine if they are on a heatmat? just thinking that if they r black they will absorbe the heat better and keep the seed/cutting warmer. i am gonna try them i think, if i do ill keep to posted on weather they work or not. dan
  9. lol nice descripion off them. even though some prob will spilt, does it matter they are so cheap.... i was thinking u could put them into some sorta seed tray to stop them falling over dan
  10. LOL doin well chris, bit like me today so no one has tried these Polythene Pots ? dan
  11. Thanks mk. i have also seen some Polythene Pots from two wests. Has anyone tried these? cos they are very cheap thinking bout useing them for non cp plants that im gonna sell, because then they may not need to be sent ex pot, so plants would be better off. dan
  12. Does anyone know off anywhere selling cheap seed trays and pots :?: thanks for any help dan
  13. I have just seen this... http://www.gardensystems.co.uk/heatmats.html its the "bio heat mat" one. It comes with the thermostat. does this product look good to you? has any brought from this company b4? thanks dan
  14. wow great advice there thanks, i think i shall go for the soil warming cables. isnt the problem with tham that u need to buy the cable (£19.75 form TW) and then u need to buy a thermostat? dont these things work out more expenive? dan
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