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  1. Hello, I restarted beginning of this year a collection of VFT and drosera. Here are here below some pics Happy to be back in carnivorous plant's world ! VFT 'dentate' VFT 'triton' VFT 'cup trap' Dosera filiformis VFT 'Fused Tooth' VFT 'Dingley Giant' VFT 'Red Piranha'
  2. amaury

    Red Piranha?

    I am sure this is not a 'red piranha'
  3. Thanks for your comments ;) It looks like 'Fused Tooth' because "its mother" is 'Fused Tooth' (the "father" is 'All Red'). This plant is interesting because the teeth are more fused (somewhat like 'Fondue') and all traps have fused teeth. From all the seeds that I harvested from this crossing, only two of them gave vft with fused teeth. Unfortunatly, I lost the second one.
  4. After months without posting pictures, here are the first of this year 'Trichterfalle' & 'Microdent' Red vft Who will eat last? A planter full of vft Floricanes of red dwarfs dionaea ... and a third one! 'Microdent' Here is an interesting seedling grown in culture in vitro.
  5. This vft is very strange. I noticed today that there is an unusually high number of sensory hairs on the traps. Genetically, it's interesting. Maybe, it could be a polyploid vft. I counted more than 12 sensory hairs on this trap :
  6. amaury

    my vfts....

    Amar, can you take a picture of your plants? It can be a disease.
  7. 5 minutes after the closing of the trap, I clamp with my fingers the trap (just one time) to activate the digesting process.
  8. I use food for goldfish! It looks like this : It contains nitrogen (proteins) and is easy to prepare. You put some food with water to obtain a "paste"(dough?). You will quicker notice the "boost effect"!
  9. Hi Trev, I just know the mother plant which is "Fine Tooth x Red". Guillaume was speaking about the food for fish that I use to feed my traps
  10. Two pics (of bad quality) of the last trap! The merged teeth are more and more strange.
  11. Yes, it's 'Microdent' on the right. I think that the plant will keep this distinction but let's see in some weeks For the name, I thought to 'Abyss' (in reference to the lantern fish) or 'Hallucigenia' or 'Hallucigene' (reference to the small animal of the Burgess Shale). Keep you in touch!
  12. Here are some pics of a young Dionaea a bit special. Most of her teeth are merged by two and are of different sizes. With the time, the traps and the rib of the stem are getting red. Continued ... :)