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    Do you have a photo?
  2. Definitely a plus point when you're 6' 2"! It'll be novel not to have Brook's Hybrid etc getting squashed against the glass. I also need to repot everything as they've been basically growing wild outside for 12 months. If only it was light in the evenings!
  3. This project has taken a lot longer than hoped but at long last the new greenhouse is up and running. Here is how the project went! The old Eden 10 x 8 greenhouse that came with the house. The jungle inside. The garden was full of big teasels and brambles. Greenhouse gone and jungle clearance to come. Leylandii to fell next. Cleared site. Footings for the paving slab perimeter base. Base down. Finally up and running. This is Mike's 20' x 8.6' minor/alata/rubra Robinsons greenhouse. Next step is to assemble the staging.
  4. Not that I know of, but the species in its distant past would be so diluted they might as well not be there. e.g (5 species hybrid x minor) x leucophylla would just look like an excellens. (5 species hybrid x leucophylla) x flava would just look like a moorei.
  5. Whatever happened to Insektenfang? Their website has gone and the Facebook page hasn't been updated for 18 months. I know Aidan sold it to a new owner.
  6. Multi billion pound car factories with thousands of supply chains are in the dark, so they'll be no answer to our situation any time soon. Best to get it all done during February probably!
  7. They look perfectly normal to me for yearling flavas. They tend to jump up in size after their first few dormancy periods, so your first pitchers in spring may well be twice the size.
  8. Looks like S.x mitchelliana to me
  9. Probably just a bit of sooty mold growing on the nectar. Nothing to worry about
  10. Just looks like stress from being repotted and then being put back in the sun. The seller's idea of full sun might not be 10 full hours like you. The next pitchers will be fine. I wouldn't worry
  11. Seems a shame considering they'll be in a greenhouse maybe next year. You'll be rewarded with bigger plants!
  12. Looks tissue cultured. It'll be a bit difficult to divide yet because it'll be a mass of pitchers on a small piece of rhizome.
  13. Deionised water is perfect. Don't know where anyone has read anything otherwise.
  14. All my plants are living outside while I prepare the ground for their new greenhouse. They're in the shade all morning just to try and keep transpiration low, so this year is a write off for colour (and storm Hugo flattened a few pitchers).
  15. Looks pretty unhappy. What did you repot it in? Where is it growing?
  16. Clover and Klassman are decent peats. Melcourt Growbark Pine if you want to go peat free (or try a peat/bark mix).
  17. I didn't know that. Supermarkets fall over themselves to recall a product that doesn't have milk properly labelled, but companies can sell peat with hidden fertiliser in it and don't care.
  18. Darlingtonia needing cold roots is massively overhyped in my experience. Mine just live with my sarracenia in the greenhouse and do fine. Same with purp ssp. purp. Either will be about 5 weeks behind their greenhouse brethren if they live outside.
  19. I think you've got your stratification and sowing instructions confused. 5 weeks wrapped in wet paper towel in the fridge, then sow on moss peat and keep warm and sunny.
  20. Pitchers on a lot of species turn red in full sun. If the old pitchers are from autumn or when it was in a garden centre they will probably be green through lack of light. Hard to advise on any heat rash effect without seeing a photo though
  21. Traps don't last forever. The plant keeps old non functioning traps solely for photosynthesis. Sometimes they open wide to catch more sun, but won't function.