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  1. That plant looks very happy. No need to repot at the moment. 
    In winter, when it's dormant, you can repot it. It'll spilt into at least three plants easy.

    Insects act as fertiliser. They photosynthesise like any other plant so can survive fine, but will grow faster and larger if catching insects.

  2. 11 hours ago, pirks said:

    I can't find the post where im sure it mentioned evergreen had nutrients in. I will keep looking and let you know when i find it.

    Thanks for everyone's help. 

    There was a discussion over Vitax a while ago, but it was a misunderstanding (Vitax peat is superb). Most peat suppliers won't catagorically confirm their peat is safe for carnivorous plants if you ask them.

    Personally I've found every brand to be absolutely fine, apart from Westland. But that was 10 years ago so might be ok now.

    It's a natural product at the end of the day, so there is always the chance some poorer quality product will be excavated whatever the brand.

  3. Any perlite off eBay that isn't Miracle Gro branded should be fine. It's pretty difficult to find perlite that is mixed with vermiculite (it should clearly say in the description if it is) or that isn't safe to be honest.

    But if you are planting outside bear in mind the perlite will just float to the top in the rain, making its inclusion a bit redundant. You might be better with potting grit. RHS Kelkay is a safe brand and you can buy it at Homebase.

    Bag illustration: