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  1. Thank you for your help and info....I sent email. I know its a big jump but , if needed, I have terrarium too for my carnivorous plants and I want to try different species. I will do my best. Anyway do you know if there is a "intermediate" dracula easier than other? Regards
  2. Hi, I'm new in cultivation of orchid (one year) and I have two phal and one dendrobium nobile. Now I'm looking for something else like a dracula orchid. I found many shop online but I want to know if there is someone who sell it or other orchid like carnivorous plants. Regards
  3. Hi, I have to sell some plants and I'm looking for one pic of s.leucophylla from Pensacola Fields (L48 Andy). I requested it to Andy (I bought the plant from him many years ago) but he didn't find and I don't have one. Can you help me? regards
  4. Hi! Finally I received DVD (thank you!) but, I disagree with the choice to upload video on youtube. I know there was a lot of trouble to produce the set but, after 3 years waiting, is incorrect for everyone bought the DVD (included in the price of the conference) watch them at the same time on youtube: free for everyone weren't there or didn't want to pay for the offer. After so long time it could make a good impression if all proceeds of the conference were raised for the CPS Conservation (for example) or were invested in (why not!) a coupon/discount to everyone would have bought something from sponsors/sellers of the EEE. Instead, after 3 years, I received 6 DVD, longhand writing without any printed cd cover, and ready to share on youtube. I'm sorry, this is only my opinion also if I was happy to receive them after so long. Thank you too for your patience! Regards
  5. Leucophylla Citronelle, AL with a night butterfly.
  6. This is my first pink cistiflora flower: I bought the root in Chester, during the last EEE (sorry, I don't remember the seller). utricularia chrysantha {King's Cascades,Prince Regent River,Kimberley,WA} drosera platypoda drosera cuneifolia (no flower but I love this drosera: I have it from four years. Unfortunately, it died two years ago but I saved one root. Last years it restarded two plantlets from that root segment) cheers
  7. maybe something didn't work. I`ve ordered many times in the UK and always I received the package after 3-4 days. This is the first time I didn't received anything yet. Anyway I thank alexa for support me.
  8. I use the same pots or deeper. You only need to check if in the summer dormancy the tuberous doesn't go too much in depth to avoid rot in the next winter. What's sure is that if you have more space you can you use bigger pots. Iggy...beautiful plants!
  9. Very beautiful!I've never seen it before! Now I think we're waiting for a picture of full plant
  10. I thought it weren't fungal infection but I was not sure about it because I didn't find any picture of n.veitchii with red leaves. I changed lights with others specific for plants.I hope it will definitely take time to adapt to its new conditions. Anyway I don't know if n.veitchii grows best in full light or in bright area. I hope to find other info about cultivation of it.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a n. veitchii (intermediate/golden peristome, from BE) inside my lowland terrarium (28°C/humidity 80%-90%) from six months. In these last weeks the leaves looks like in these picture: What do you think about? Does it looks like a fungal infection or only like some burnt leaves (I changed two neon lights one month ago)? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Confidor is a Bayer product like provado. Strange thing is they are only on formed leaves but they don't looking deformed, twisted or curled...maybe because this is a small attack. Anyway I hope Confidor was the good choice to contrast them.
  13. Just to be sure, do you think it is a thrips attack? Some parts of leaves become discolored and I can see these tiny insects going around them. Now, I treated them with confidor spraying it on the leaves. What do you think about? Thank you for your help!
  14. dionaea_2006


    This is the best sason for pigmy sundews because now starts to produce gemmae like your plant in these days ;) Collect it using a moistened toothpick and sow them like seeds. About growing tips, they are tolerant of brief light frosts. Terrarium is not the best choice; if you want put them in a greenhouse or on windowsill. In the forum you can find more info about gemmae and growing condition :) cheers
  15. dionaea_2006

    Vtf And Winter

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