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  1. Hi, I'd like to see that update as well, currently looking at different lighting options but the IKEA one seems the easiest by far!
  2. That Cephalotus setup looks great, curious to see how it will turn out once they start spreading! Keep us posted
  3. Do you have a strong preference for fluorescent lights? I think the LEDs will be cheaper to operate. I'm still looking for a good LED setup myself as well ;D
  4. That's amazing, i've yet to see the first mature pitcher on my 1,5 year old leaf cutting (normal ceph)...
  5. Is it possible to get an update with some pic's of this setup ?? Very curious on how the plants have settled and evolved Cheers!
  6. Olivier

    Powdery mildew?

    Put it in a sunny location with enough airflow. That helped for mine anyway.. And if the plant can take it, be sure to take some leaf cuttings for backup plants, you never know! Hope you can solve it!
  7. Olivier

    Ceph pullings

    Way to go! Keep multiplying those ceph cultivars, and when you have some spare plant(let)s you would like to sell, feel free to contact me
  8. was that new soil in the last picture? I always wet it before putting plants in, it makes things easier and the peat takes much less time to get wet! And if it wasn't new soil, hurry up and water it, that may be why your pitchers are closed as well... the plant wants to keep the moisture in ;) Good luck!!
  9. Very tidy! Quite jealous of your ceph collection!!
  10. Very nice drosera's and basement Especially the Regia looks gorgeous!! Too bad i live in Belgium ;)
  11. They really do mean giant, don't they, what a plant!!
  12. Olivier

    What it is?

    My guess would be a S. oreophilla. Does it make phyllodes?
  13. hi, Depending on the normal colouring of your specific plant it might not colour up at all ( i have a schnell's ghost, which i bought just because it doesn't colour up ). But if your plant should have a little red in there, maybe it isn't getting enough (sun)light. A little information on your setup would be helpful good luck!
  14. Very nice pics!! And stunning plants (and flower), don't tell me they're all yours!? If they are, could we see some pics of their homes plz? Thx Olivier