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  1. I don't know the name of the following Nepenthes species. can anyone help me? 3 here one more and another one
  2. wich one is temperate and wich one is tropical? what kind of problems may I encounter?
  3. I'm wondering if this species could withstand fish tank conditions? Could they grow well in an environment with levels of nitrat and phosphates and other nutrients for "normal" aquatic plants?
  4. I have some doubts about maintaining this two forms. I have my aldrovanda japan in a small tank with utric gibba. I have the gibba some time know in the same tank with a little bit of peat and destiled water. It's propagating quiet well. Reacently I added to the same tank the aldrovanda japan? Is there any problem in that, or it's ok to have both plants together? Now I'm waiting for a vesiculosa from hungary, and probably will join it with the other 2. Do I need to feed the aldrovanda, or does it do weel only with water and peat? what kind of temperature ranges this to species need? they need full sun right?
  5. tkx for the tips... Variegata is from siberia? it was one of the bonus plants that I chose from an online order i made. Didn't know it was from cold climates, damn
  6. What are the needs of this 3 plants. water, light, soil, everything, please... I don't know anything about pinguiculas.
  7. esgalha

    Why not?

    what would be a good book? I only have "The savage garden". it's a good starters book, but it's not a 100% complete book. When it comes to dormacy , it only says something like "many droseras need dormancy, others don't". So witch book would you recomend ?
  8. esgalha

    Why not?

    but for exemple, some utricularias need other don't some dorseras need, other don't. etc etc There are so many species in each plant family that sometimes it's hard to remember the region of most of them and witch need dormancy or not. it doesn't need to be a huge list for now. It could be something to build gradualy. A list organized by alphabetic order would be of much help and it would not give tha much work, I guess.
  9. esgalha

    Why not?

    why not creat a sticky post in this section with a list of all species that need dormancy? don't need to be all of them, the moderators can creat a sticky locked, were they can make an updatable list with the plants that need dormancy.
  10. esgalha

    Drosera communis

    can anyone post a picture from a real communis. when i google it, many diferent plants apear under the name of communis
  11. esgalha

    Drosera communis

    ok, than it's confirmed :) thank you
  12. how it is possible than, to propagate U. Reniformis? only by seed?
  13. esgalha

    Drosera communis

    here they are.. can you identify them now?