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  1. Do you have any leaf pullings available?
  2. The price is not that bad, just thought it would be a cool idea to try
  3. Hi, how did you manage to get to the nepenthes, I’ve been wanting to visit the nepenthes but thought it was closed off from the public. Please let me know, thanks
  4. The price of longfiber sphagnum moss is quite a problem. I may have thought of an alternative. On a website i came across called giardino carnivoro, they sell a product called “long fibre sponges” (I’ll attach an image) and this made me think, that kind of sponge would have similar quality’s to LFS, it holds and absorbs water well and has similar fibres plus it’s sterile and way cheaper. If anyone would like to test my theory your welcome to do so. Thanks
  5. Now that I think of it it kind of looks like an emerging root but if it is a Basel I don’t know how you would ensure it grows properly
  6. It may very well be an activated node where a Basel will grow, otherwise I’m not sure what it is, hope this was any help
  7. I have had a huge upgrade, since then I have started growing out of a large plastic box with a humidifier and purple grow lights. I took into account the mirrors and covered the set up with two apart from the front. I also would like to know can it be too damp for nepenthes , these guys have condensation on the leafs and I wanted to know if it was bad
  8. Update turns out the plant had been attacked by aphids and so I don’t think it will make it however I did cut the flower stalk about a week ago and have been treating it for pests hopefully it will recover.
  9. I am not an expert but I believe it’s a nepenthes ‘Rebecca soper’ aka ramispina x ventricosa hope this helps
  10. I recently obtained an n bical from a trade with a friend, it wasn’t kept it the best conditions but pretty close. I am now growing it on a partial sun window sill in a zip lock bag on a heat mat ( high humidity), it seems to be happier but I would like tips from anyone with experience. Thank you all
  11. I have been considering getting some Nepenthes from wivey carnivorous uk but couldn’t find any unboxings and only 17 reviews all 5 stars this got me thinking, is it too good to be true, I’m just slightly unsure. Does anyone have any experience with wivey carnivorous? Is it trust worthy? Please let me know so I don’t end up getting scammed. Many thanks
  12. This is my set up, I’m hoping to upgrade when I move house / get more plants
  13. Hi, I’m Nepenthes victreebel, I’m a budding cp enthusiast! (Terrible pun sort of intended but not really!). I keep several cp species including dionaea (Dracula and typical), Nepenthes (N. X Ventrata), serracinia (flava and a random hybrid) and drosera (capensis and Alice). My favourite plant i would say is n. Truncata (I am currently looking for one with uk shipping if anyone knows where to look). I hope I can be of help here on cpuk
  14. Hello, I have owned a N. X Ventrata for around 6ish months but not once has it pitchered for me, for a while I sprayed it around 4 times daily however recently I purchased a humidifier. I recently repotted it into sphagnum and orchid bark 2 : 1 so it is going through a bit of shock. one theory I have for the lack of new pitcher is that when I was on holiday the person looking after it mistakenly cut off all of the lowest biggest pitcher embryos. If there is any way I could induce pitchers fast I would love to know. thanks in advance.