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  1. Fantastic shots of some really good looking plants, specially the aquatic utrics! :) Overall it looks like you had a great trip and it was good to see something other than just the native CP's too! :)
  2. Fantastic utric and ping flowers, good looking ping as well. The pitchers are great as well. Nice one. :)
  3. Great looking plants with fantastic coloured pitchers. Nice one. :)
  4. Great plants you are growing. I especially like D. prolifera, its a good looking plant. :) Great shots too. :)
  5. I love those Neps.. Fantastic coloured pitchers! Nice one. :)
  6. Great looking plants you have. Also thats one chockablock greenhouse! :)
  7. Fantastic pitchers and specially the ping flowers! Nice one. :)
  8. Gorgeous Heli's you have. Good looking pitchers on all of them! Nice one. :)
  9. Good looking leuco's, they have good colouration and venation. :)
  10. Great colouration, the way they should look! ;)
  11. Great setup you have. I really like how you have a whole bunch of different plants mixed up as well. Very cool. :)
  12. Nice looking plants they have down south. Can't wait till things get wet here. :)
  13. Great looking plants! I wish mine looked as good as these. :)
  14. Good looking plants and a great pot for them. :)
  15. Good looking plants, nice collection you have. :)
  16. I agree with Kiwi Earl, the moody shots are cool. :) Great plants too!
  17. Nice dewy looking plants, specially the first one. I like its shape. :) Nice one!
  18. Great looking pitchers, lots of great colourings. :)
  19. Great looking plants you have, nice and dewy! Fantastic. :)
  20. Oh man.. *drool* I love these heliamphora's, fantastic shots as well. :)