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  1. Rather nice looking nep, that. Nice one. :)
  2. Great looking plants you have growing, great shots as well. :)
  3. Great looking plants you have, the Drosera look fantastic. :)
  4. Nice collection of sarra flowers there. :) Looks like you might get a nice amount of seed from them as well!
  5. Some really nice looking pitchers you have there. :) Nice one!
  6. Great looking utric and fantastic shots! Sadly I have not been able to see any in the wild over here, one day tho. :)
  7. Great shots, the orchids and carnie plants are looking fantastic. I must say I am more impressed with the spider orchids than anything, but thats just me. ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your shots when you have them. :)
  8. Nice looking pitcher. Its got some great venation on it as well as a nice mouth. :)
  9. Looking forward to seeing what you will get this season. Lots and lots of cool piccies of awesome plants I hope! :)
  10. Great shots of the flowers, nice one. :)
  11. Great looking pygmies you have. :) Nice shots too!
  12. Great shot, the Drosera look really nice. As well as the orchids. Alas, most of the stuff here is either finishing flowering or aborted due to dry conditions. But the Drosera are going nuts. Look forward to more shots. :)
  13. Good looking plants you have. Great shots too. :)
  14. Great looking plants you have, nice one. :)
  15. Good looking pitchers and plants you have. :) Nice one!
  16. I use a Nikon D80 with a 105mm Macro lens with VR and an SB-600 flash gun. When all together its around 1.6kg's of camera equipment to hold when trying to take photos of little tiny things. If I find a 100% crop, ill show you. Above shot is not, its a small image of the full sized one. If you wish to see the full sized image, click here.. Drosera Image. Then click on the 'All sizes' button and click on the orginal link. It will then load up the orginal image which is around 4 meg or so. Not the best shot to show, but it will do. :)
  17. Fantastic heliamphoras.. Great shots. :)
  18. Good looking Drosera flowers and plants, nice one. :)
  19. Great looking plants. Hope you enjoy them. :)
  20. Ooer, I like the Jellyfish. Very interesting! :) Oh and the plant looks bloody fantastic. ;)
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