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  1. http://pitcherplants.proboards34.com/index...amp;thread=5935 Are you growing them HL or LL? Whatever way you're growing them, reverse it for half or so, and see if that helps.
  2. Looks female to me. The bracts are too long IMO for a male. Plus, female inflorescences usually have way less flowers than males.
  3. Anyone interested can see some photos of my Giant Tiger here: http://www.lhnn.proboards107.com/index.cgi...amp;thread=1201 I used to have another Giant Tiger that looked quite a bit different, but unfortunately I watered the damn thing to death.
  4. By that I meant that the clones are usually grown to flowering before being sold. The ones that are sold without being grown out at all seem to have a higher percentage of females. Lots of clones have already been flowered by the distributors when they are first beginning to be sold. Really, I don't understand the point of selling only/mostly males, but it seems too much to be coincidental.
  5. Any clue what gender the plant was originally? Was he treating with any hormones? I knew this was possible in Nepenthes! I've tried to treat some male plants, but unfortunately the concentration of the hormone I used was much too high, and they experienced rapid leaf senescence, and died in about a week.
  6. In the wild, the ratio is pretty close to 5:1. In captivity, I'd hazard a guess of 20:1. It is much, MUCH higher in captivity. Don't you ever wonder why there are small, medium, and large plants simultaneously available from TC? They're grown out for a reason, and I think it would be complete rubbish to call it coincidence that such a staggering number just "happen" to be male.
  7. If that pic is recent, you've probably got another month. Too bad you'll miss my spathulata x maxima. But then again you might not...I've been waiting for these flowers to open for weeks and none have started!
  8. It has to be pretty hot. I believe it is 104° that kill them, and 107 or 110° that kills bees. Either way, they're definitely both over 100°. Bees will actually kill wasps by surrounding them and shivering until the wasp overheats and dies, since the bees can take a few more degrees. It takes quite a few bees to get this to happen though (at least 5?), so I doubt that's what happens. A plethora of wasps would have to simultaneously fall into the pitcher, and all be furiously beating their wings.
  9. http://mogadalai.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/...oelastic-fluid/ http://www.physorg.com/news9869.html
  10. There are no narcotic compounds in Nepenthes nectar (or any CP nectar besides S. flava) that I am aware of. I always call myth on this until someone can provide a journal article proving otherwise. I've scanned the titles at least of hundreds of journal articles related to neps, and have never seen anything even hinting at this. Gunna have to call myth on that too.
  11. Lol I think that's a Southern thing.
  12. Two words....South Florida
  13. Sorry Do you happen to know what clone it is, or at least the source? I've always wanted to see if copelandii will work in my conditions, but I'd like to stay away form that particular clone if possible.
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