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  1. Oldish pitcher suffering a bit of aging mixed with sunburn? Have some doing this myself.
  2. Isn't there some philosophical forum somewhere for this sort of stuff? Define self awareness, please.
  3. I just bought a distiller. Measured the output with my TDS meter and got a reading of 0-1ppm! My tap water reads about 250ppm. My rain water off the roof reads about 20ppm.
  4. Great shot. I am off down to see my Mum in France soon. I nearly always see Jersey Tigers where she lives. Lovely group of moths. A new one for me the other day was to watch a cranefly feeding from my Sarra 'nectar' - probably linked to the fact that it has been so dry here. The most common moth I see doing this in my greenhouse is Silver Y at night.
  5. Great find! Not familiar with the species but they look great; thanks for posting.
  6. Have you been feeding it growth hormones? For some reason you are getting an explosion in growing points. Maybe due to change in conditions? Maybe the plant has a tissue culture history?
  7. The 'P. 'Weser'' photo above is usually named garden centre clone or false 'Weser'. As Matt says, it is one of the many that look more like 'Sephos' but is neither 'Sephos' or 'Weser'.
  8. I would say you have a heavy dose of atropurpurea/rubricorpora with some purp and leuco. I expect you will have chosen some notable parents! Amar, have Star Trek as a clue.
  9. Great seedlings, Phil. The big problem is which to keep and which to get rid of. For me, it takes at least another year to find out as this is when you start to find out about growth habit. It is great seeing how they develop.
  10. Sorry, my mistake, you are quite right. (Water 'softeners' commonly exchange cations such as calcium for sodium.) From Brita FAQs page: "Ion exchange resins exist in the form of cation exchange resins and anion exchange resins. The BRITA water filter cartridge is filled with cation exchangers. These replace positively charged ions such as calcium, magnesium, lead or copper with positively charged hydrogen ions." This would imply that Brita filters should improve tap water for CPs by partial demineralisation. As there is no anion exchange, does this also acidify the water? Also, cation exchan
  11. Are you sure that your peat has nothing added? This statement is an oxymoron as minerals are salts. The specific substance known as 'table salt' usually contains a very high percentage of sodium chloride and is a mineral. Please compare http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_%28chemistry%29 with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt I believe a Brita filter exchanges other cations for sodium ions. The replacement of calcium ions with sodium ions is known as 'softening'. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brita Re TDS measurements. How much will acidity affect TDS measurements? Wouldn't water with h
  12. Bayer Systhane Fungus Fighter that I have heard is ok and is another myclobutanil product. I have some in my stock but I have not used it yet.
  13. In this case, stick with the name that it had been given when you obtained it. A similar issue exists with P. kondoi and P. reticulata.
  14. The most remarkable thing is that they appear to be standing up on their own! Now there's turgidity for you.... (I hear Stephen feeds them special blue tablets).
  15. Andy has been selling CPs for a good few years now but just recently moved to his current site. I haven't had a chance to visit yet but have bought some nice plants from him.
  16. Looking good, Bill! Happened to me, too when I used to keep the Sarras outside all year. In fact it happens to me when I allow plenty of access to the greenhouse, too. If I want plants to look good for as long as possible then I have to put a barrier up to the flies (e.g. mesh on windows, keep door closed).
  17. Welcome to the forum, Howard! Mike can often take appointments at weekends I think, so no need to wait until the open day. Same can be said for most other sellers; Triffid Nurseries might not be too far away from you. No Strawberry Fair in Cambridge this year so no Chris Crowe stand (Sarracenia Nurseries), unfortunately - usually he has a lovely display for sale (the main reason I go to Strawberry Fair other than the fresh doughnuts). I'm just to the west of Cambridge and grow mainly Sarra and Mexican Pings in my greenhouse.
  18. For some figures, see thread: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37079 Your value would indicate your peat has been given added nutrients and, therefore, conventionally considered unsuitable for bog CPs.
  19. My limited knowledge of them is that TDS meters measure conductivity. If you have inert solid particles/dust floating around then the TDS reading should not increase. But I do not know how much peat is supposed to dissolve (hardly at all has always been my guess) so I don't know how much it contributes to this. I would like to know more about pH and TDS relating to peat, sphagnum and what bog CPs expect but I can't find much detail, other than a lot of hearsay and half truths. What I would like to know is how pH is reflected in TDS measurements and whether you have to actually take both pH and
  20. Your photos are very good! It is interesting what you say about humidity and temperature. I try to keep humidity a bit higher when it is warmer but I guess high humidity for me in a UK greenhouse is probably quite low compared to your conditions.
  21. Thanks Ian, great fun and some lovely plants! Mr Wiggly...