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  1. Thanks for that link, Stephen; hadn't seen these before.
  2. It is common for detritus to get washed into water butts (e.g. leaves, pollen, etc). These break down and add nutrients to the water. The water can become eutrophic and smelly. Not sure what you can do about it, though. Even without leaves, I find it can happen with the first water after a long spell of dry. This is because the first water washes a huge amount of pollen and dirt etc off of roofs and into your butt. Best advice I can give is to use it if you have to and if you are sure that another load of rain is coming, then empty the butt out in preparation for the fresh, cleaner rainwater
  3. Lovely! Cedric, you may need to get rid of those Drosera weeds.
  4. Pull the dogs tail, pull the dogs tail!!! I think I am still banned until 2011. I'm so naughty.
  5. Not sure if this is what Chris meant, but I let the tray that the pot is standing in go dry for a couple of days before putting enough water in for a bit to sit in the tray again (I do not let the compost dry out at this time of year).
  6. jimfoxy

    Ping ID?

    Hi there. It is unlikely anyone can tell you what it is without a flower. I can suggest what the popular plants are in shops/markets in Europe but not Taipei. Sounds like good growing advice. When it flowers, post a photo and you should get a definite identification or some suggestions.
  7. Yes, some people just don't read the descriptions properly! That is probably it, then. You need more than 50 feedbacks for people to start trusting you without a recommendation I would say. Also, it really really does help if you post a photo of the exact plant you will be selling - it is far more hassle than a generic one, but it pays off as people can see what they will get.
  8. You say that some have wings. This would imply that others do not. It sounds very much like blackfly or aphid to me. Beetles have wings but they are folded away under their elytra (wing cases/shells) and you only ever usually see them when they are flying or just about to fly.
  9. Why do you think they did not sell, then? Did you have the reputation of lots of previous sales and happy customers behind you? This counts for a lot. It shows that you can suitably package up a plant for posting for a start. Photos must be accurate. If you are not selling what is in the photo then you must state that. International sales are harder to achieve; the risks of postage are higher.
  10. A photo would really help. Sorry, no, I have never seen black beetles on new shoots. Maybe it is a flea beetle? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_beetle
  11. Lots of people keeping bees around me so plenty in my garden.
  12. Ebay never ceases to amaze me with, a) how much people try to sell things for and, b) how much some people buy things for. I can completely understand this for rare items but the number of people that clearly don't even do the slightest market research for common things is staggering. If you are going to sell plants successfully that are also available from reputable dealers then you have to either, a) show that you will provide far better quality or quantity or, b) sell at a much lower price. If not, you are usually just throwing away that money you are spending on ebay listing fees. You hav
  13. Why do some people have a thing against springtails?????? The ones I have are fantastic creatures for processing decaying material and refreshing the very top layer of compost by keeping surface moulds and fungi away. They are also great food for sticky plants when they jump too high! I positively encourage them. Some animals are actually beneficial to plants; there is such a thing as symbiosis in the natural world. Please don't just assume something is a pest. I have seen little evidence that they will attack living material. Perhaps one or two species do, or if there is a huge overpopulat
  14. Where has Matt published the new cultivar name?
  15. Aamar, try standing back a little bit in good light (outside would be good, as Mike suggests). Avoid a white background as the camera is trying to expose for that - this means anything else in the photo will appear too dark. Your first photo was too close (camera cannot focus so close) and with a very bright/white background (camera underexposes subject).
  16. Great plants and photos as always, Cedric - thanks for sharing!
  17. Hi Jim. It doesn't work like that as I understand it, unfortunately. I have never seen the bright red flower of a laueana parent pass to a hybrid offspring; it always seems to end up some shade of purple/dark pink. My avatar photo is the only one I have had where it has not been a shade of purple (and that is an F2 hybrid). Looking at other laueana x cyclosecta crosses made by others, I think they look pretty similar to this one.
  18. Hi Chris. It has been quite shaded which is probably why the leaves have no colour yet. I have just moved it to get a bit more light so shall see what happens.
  19. Just found this hiding away. It was my only seedling that survived from this cross. Dog-pose: Messy comparison shot with parents either side of hybrid:
  20. Phil, great construction. The easy answer next year = do not make any crosses and cut the flowers off after petal drop! I find this easier to live with than throwing out seedlings.
  21. Is it the black specks you are suspicious of, Mike?
  22. Butts are nice if it rains. It hasn't rained more than 2mm here in about 2months now.
  23. The decay probably helps attract some species.