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  1. I'm pretty sure that it is not pest caused. gardenofeden - that would make sense. Sad that it is non-recoverable, thanks for confirmation; on the bonfire it goes in case there is a risk of it spreading. (Just might wait for it to open its little flower first, though.)
  2. Hi, I would be grateful for information if anybody recognises the problem with the Sarracenia photographed here. I've had this plant for a few years in the hope it would grow out of this 'condition'. It hasn't . Every year the plant sends a few weedy pitchers up and even a flower but, often, these pitchers become deformed or stunted. The 'disease' shows initially as small brown patches which cause the pitchers and phyllodia to distort and curl. With time, these brown patches turn black. The plant is a Sarracenia hybrid of unknown parentage. I am going to throw it unless somebody has any suitable advice?
  3. Looks like nobody knows. :-k The light fittings you are looking at in Screwfix have IP65. Technically, this means they are totally protected against dust ingress and low pressure water from any direction (but limited ingress permitted). Should be ok from that point of view. Of course, any holes for wiring etc have should be made waterproof, too. Flourescent lights are about 40% efficient (I think). If your total will be 120W then you will be generating about 50W of heat. This will mostly be in the ballast part of the light fitting (if that's how these ones work - can't see). Spread over 1500mm of metal frame, that's enough to make it warm but not too hot to touch. Most of the heat will rise - I really do not think you will cook the plants below the light with this arrangement. You could hang them an inch or so under the bench above them using a hook and chain both ends (that way you can easily take links up or let links out to raise and lower) - probably safer than screwing direct as it allows the air to move - or put something tropical above them! Probably worth putting tough plastic sheeting on the bench above them, too, so no water falls on them, just in case. Be careful that any electrics are reasonably sealed, and environmentally ok if you are in a high humidity environment. Silicone sealant is usually good for sealing all the gaps (apply when dry and leave for 24hrs). Can't say if that's enough light or not - hopefully, someone else can answer that. I know the type of light is important (warm white?) and extended light hours are usually necessary. 1-2' may be too far, but then you are supplimenting so not sure. You can always move them closer or further away depending on what your plants tell you. I hope to have a greenhouse soon - hope it can looks as good as yours!
  4. I've often had Sarracenia outside in the Summer (I'm in the UK) but have never observed any British insect big enough to pollinate the flower going into one. Has anybody else in the UK seen this (it could be that the bees in my garden are a bit stupid ](*,) )? Can anyone tell me what the natural pollinators of Sarracenia are? Anybody got a piccie? I want to start cross pollinating with 100% confidence of the parentage of the future seeds and just wonder whether I'm going to have to tie a bag over every flower.
  5. My first Sarracenia was a flava. Most of my family agreed with the cat's pee analogy. In fact, my sister suggested that the hybrid name S. x catesbaei may have been a subtle joke by someone.
  6. Just had a look at your article, Eric http://www.pinguicula.org/pages/culture/cu..._pinguicula.htm Thanks. Thanks, too, Rob-Rah.
  7. Thanks, Aidan. Slack recommends a 5" pot. That's a lot of pot not used. Is it still important to use such a deep pot because of the 'water table'? Would a much shallower container do? :?
  8. I am very new to Pinguicula. I decided to divide my P. x 'Tina' as it was forming many crowns. When splitting and repotting, the plant(s) seemed to have very little in the way of roots. Is this normal or are they about to keel over on me? Thanks, Jim.
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