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  1. Hey, nice tip, Will. Never thought of this before but you are absolutely right as this provides a little greenhouse with increased humidity! I still think maybe your esseriana may be just another clone of debbertiana. Many Mexican pings have huge variation, and I am sure there will be many name changes in years to come. The best place I have seen the variation are in Fernando's postcards on Eric's web page where there is huge variation in their natural habitats. I always wonder how people can be so definite after seeing just a flower or a leaf! I think this comes from just one or two clones making it into mainstream cultivation and then they become the definitive standard. I don't think many people grow Mexican Pings in the UK with any great gusto which is probably why you don't get very many comments from the UK. As for the thumbs down - just forget about it! They are probably using a smart phone and meant to press the thumbs up but their fingers are too big!!!
  2. Can you try both then you hedge your bets? Are you sure it is aluminium and not galvanised steel? Not sure about leaching of aluminium salts into the compost so what I would do is line the inside with some thick black polythene but it sounds like you will be making holes in the bottom (?) so this may be no good. 'Rust' comes from iron based metals like steel. Aluminium naturally forms a thin surface coating of oxide which is fairly inert but, like I say, not sure about the slightly acidic nature of general CP compost. It does not dissolve in water but it may react a bit with the acidic compost and I think aluminum salts are quite harmful to plants. I would not try it unless I was housing surpless plants.
  3. It is P. 'Tina', a Mexican Pinguicula hybrid. Probably the best Pinguicula to have as a house plant that there is! This flower has more petals than usual, but this is not uncommon with hybrids. See http://www.cpphotofinder.com/pinguicula-tina-3867.html
  4. Some lovely plants. I am not familiar with many of the names but a couple of things did look odd: 1) laueana -> agnata 2) those esseriana look more like debbertiana (but I know this group is all a bit mixed up)
  5. You missed the opportunity to plumb the cistern into a downpipe! I intend to do this with an old urinal I picked up. This will complete my outside suite of bidet and butlers sink already established.
  6. Fernando, I think your next step is to stuff some pillows full of sphagnum so that you can actually sleep with your pings!
  7. jimfoxy

    Sarracenis ID

    For flava varieties: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v27n4p116_120.html
  8. Wowsers! You sure the ceiling will be ok with the increased humidity? Good luck.
  9. Or that might be the sudden improvement in ambient temperature, maybe?
  10. Looks like the 'P. Hauatla' in Crissytal's recent thread.
  11. Would be interested to see your CP3 flower alongside. If my Sierre Mixe is labelled correctly then I find it is more shy to flower than the other laueanas. Mine is pillar box red with a yellow tongue.
  12. Let it stand open first for a day in case chlorine is present.
  13. Well done on the hybrid. I find that hybrids, more often than with species, have extra petals or a double spur but it is not consistent. I noticed a triple spur this Summer.
  14. Barthlott et al (2007) reports enzyme secretion but, 'The exact uptake path of the digestive products into the plant has not yet been elucidated...' but I expect you have his book, too?! I assume carnivory is proven when enzymes are secreted? For a plant to secrete enzymes but not absorb the products would be strange (would this be evolutionary feasible - washed to the roots, perhaps?).
  15. 0.2g will kill you?! Any estimate of the concentration in Sarra nectar? It cannot be much otherwise I suspect there would be a few more dead CPers around!
  16. Really fab Ping rocks. The problem I encounter is that they tend to fall off, especially once they have been on long enough to divide. Mind you, a lot of that is probably my carelessness; I am always having Pings jumping out of pots when I move them - often due to the old but strong flower stalks getting snagged.
  17. When there are insects about to eat the 'nectar', you won't see much. When you put a plant inside away from insects, the 'nectar' will accumulate. Nothing to worry about.
  18. Amazing! Hope you helped them make sure all their labels were correct.
  19. Some really well grown plants, Cedric. What is the second photo (the leuco-purp-(alata?) thingy)?
  20. Hi Willy, For my tuppenny's worth: 1) It is a major hassle selling plants through the post e.g. Ebay. Ebay and Paypal take quite a big cut, and then there is postage cost. All you need is one buyer to say they never received the plant so that you have to do a full refund and you have just wiped out your 'profit' from two other sales. It doesn't cover your time. 2) It takes far less time to sell a lot of plants cheap to a garden centre rather than sell each plant individually through the post. 3) It takes time and space to grow up divisions of plants. It is easier just to let them fill their pots! 3) Some people may have big lists but maybe they aren't very good at growing or just don't have the space! 4) VFTs are easy to sell cheap at local events. 5) International sales of plants through ebay is risky both from the aspects of the plant having a happy transit and customs. For many, it is not worth the risk. Tracking adds cost. I appreciate your difficulties. No one who likes to grow plants likes to throw plants out! Do you have a Mexican Ping growlist? Happy to try for a bulk swap or buy some off your hands if I don't have them already. It is probably about time I started growing some VFTs too!
  21. Hi Willy - looks like you have the beginnings of a commercial Ping nursery! Re esseriana - humour me and check that flower against P. debbertiana vs P. esseriana on Bob's photofinder. Cheers, Jim.
  22. Nice plants Willy! Is that a P. debbertiana flower in the last shot, too?
  23. Definitely a good idea, Phil. I am forever forgetting the definitive syntax and it would be nice to have a quick reference.