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  1. It seems like you're more of an expert with these nutrients than you're letting on, Tim!!
  2. Tim, do you think there is a possibility of it being linked with a lack of phosphorus/nitrogen? Maybe the plant uses the nutrients it has claimed from insect victims to stay alive during dormacy. Just a suggestion. Lack of Nitrogen Leaves become yellow and older leaves die off. Sometimes leaves have a slightly reddish appearance and growth is slow Lack of Phosphorus Often quite similar signs to lack of nitrogen but look out for stunted growth and leaves becoming darker than normal. Root growth will also be under-developed Resource: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.php?...8&chapter=0
  3. Brendan

    Hardy Cps (uk)

    My Utricularia dichotoma was fully hardy outside in my bog this year. I haven't tried U.livida though.
  4. Hi guys, I'd just like to clarify that every one of the moderators relish helping forum members out where we can. Thats a fact. I think, unfortunately, that from time to time, some of you can possibly take our comment as 'sharp,' but this is not the case. It's impossible to tell people's facial expressions via a forum, so please try not to take it the wrong way. And Dazkeirle, please do not stop asking questions - it keeps the rest of us on our toes!! :) But a quick Search on your end would be great; as we can sift through other tasks. And if you do not find it in a Search - by all means make a new topic! Anyway, hope this helps.
  5. You cannot possibly prove a point to Aidan by stating what you've heard by hear say - especially when Aidan is as knowledgeable as he is. You have to actually perform said task to prove one wrong.
  6. Well our growing season starts a little later up here than down south, and is often not quite as warm but I've never had a problem with sunlight. My S.purpurea and S.flava seem to be doing fine outside in my bog garden, so you shouldn't have a problem with growing them outside.
  7. Have you personally demonstrated this procedure in the past?
  8. Time. It takes a while in full sun for them to colour up nicely.
  9. Brendan

    These Leaves

    Has there been pitchers on the older leaves and them been cut off? Where was it kept - conditions?
  10. Looking very good there, even better when the dead growth has been removed though! :)
  11. venusflytrapman, that would be a pretty good hybrid if it was possible to cross two different species of plant. Good imagination though
  12. You don't have a greenhouse nearby, do you!?
  13. Looking good, Joel! I have to say, your plants are quite far ahead of mine too. Flower stalks are just beginning to appear up here and like Alexis, my Oreophilas are doing nothing!
  14. So you repotted it a month ago, then the first pitcher to appear is slightly bent... is the second straight pitcher emerging out of the same growth point? If so, I think it's just due to the repotting. Number of growth points wouldn't inversely effect the plant in this way, although when you repotted it you could have separated them. Not to worry, I know how valuble windowsill space is - my collection started in exactly the same way
  15. Have you been disturbing its roots at all? As in repotting etc. The new pitcher appearing seems to be pretty straight to me. In regards to the plant not moving to the sunlight - I've found that Sarracenia generally aren't obvious Phototropic movers once the pitcher has grown to a certain point.
  16. I agree with Loakesy; the pictures are very hard to make out. But I think had this problem when rescuing a VFT from a local B&Q - when placed in my polytunnel in better lighting conditions it soon grew out of it.
  17. Lovely flowers there - you can tell the photos weren't taken in England!!
  18. I doubt your plant will die - capensis are very easy CPs to keep. I've actually tried to kill them with no success Joking obviously!
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