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  1. The water won't turn into digestive enzymes par se; it will dilute the enzymes which are already present. So although it may not be harmful, its probably better to leave the liquid as it is (unless it's non-existent, in which case some water might help). If you look at the natural form of the pitcher, it has a lid covering its contents - perhaps as a way to keep out rainwater? When the soil becomes dry the Cephalotus lid drops to conserve this liquid.
  2. Planting them into more space would definitely give you a higher survival rate due to reduced competition. It's also much easier to separate them when they're young with immature root ststems - when they get older they would entangle, making separation difficult.
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    This topic is proving a scientific one, more close to my heart. I think it was correctly stated that dormacy hasn't been scientifically proven to be required, nor has it been proven to be unneeded. Personally, I don't think a statistical model would be suitable for such a test in which so many factors could impede upon it (sub-climate, humidity, water levels, etc) . Merely monitor the temperature from where the plants originated to draw conclusions. Dormacy works for me - my temperatures can drop pretty low indeed. I know that gardenofeden's greenhouse has a heater to prevent freezing temperatures, and this works for him. Essentially, it depends on where you live and the conditions of the area, and also, what you're willing to pay. Cudos for finding that info.
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    Well done, Andy! You're obviously not being stern enough!
  5. Fantastic! I'm with the majority... we want more
  6. I have U.dichotoma in my bog garden which has absolutely thrived from late last year to this year; growing better outside than in my polytunnel!
  7. Hi all, I've been contemplating setting up a more complex highland Nepenthes terrarium for quite some time. My current collection sit in plastic terrariums in the windowsill with a piece of plastic on top and bubble wrap around. The only problem with this rather simple but effective set-up is that I cannot provide the best lighting and height requirements for the plants to grow at their best. So today, I saw, examined and then purchased an Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium. Please click here to see. My model number is PT-2607 and the dimensions are 18"x 18"x 24" (WxDxH) and this provides quite a bit of vertical growth room. Now, down to the lighting. I was thinking of purchasing the Exo-Terra Compact Top (Seen here) for ease of fitting really. I'm not very D.I.Y minded and would more than likely wreck the whole thing if I did anything else. And with that you can buy some of their own flourescent bulbs seen here. I was thinking maybe some 2.0's and 5.0's but without the experience of such a set-up in the past, I have no idea if they would be suitable for the plant genre stated. So I could be totally on the wrong track here, but hopefully someone can put me right. Also, the main reason for buying everything of the same make is that I know they sell it at my local Cash & Carry so I can get it a lot cheaper than what it would cost in the shops. Thanks a lot - I know how often these questions pop up.
  8. I think you've done best by moving it into those conditions. I'd leave it there for a couple of weeks then if there's no sign of life (and there probably wont be), gently dig into the soil mix next to where you think the root should be - when you see the root, if it is healthy, it should be nice and thick and if you scrape at it you should see that it's not rotted. If it is, I'm sorry but it must have been too late for the plant. If it hasn't rotted, replace the mix and leave it there until signs of life re-appear. This has happened to me once before so you may very possibly be lucky.
  9. Mine is also the Exoterra fogger. I think the one completely true statement on the box is: "Great visual effect."
  10. Hi Matthew, Can you possibly post a photo to see what it looks like at the minute?
  11. It's excellent to see the stages of the plant since purchase! Very well grown.
  12. Same here, along with the soot!
  13. Hmm :-k Can you possiby post a picture of yours for comparison?
  14. The only problem with placing them in a terrarium is that the VFT & Sarra require a winter dormacy period where the temperature drops and the photo-period reduces. So I would be less inclined to take this route. When I began, I managed to get my plants to go into dormacy on in a cold conservatory; maybe you could do the same? Or maybe your parents have a greenhouse to place the plants? This situation would be ideal.
  15. Your plants look extremely healthy considering they've just undergone a small drought! (I wish we were ) In light of recent pictures, I've just decided the N. tobaica that I bought a while ago, isn't actually a N. tobaica! I think I'll need an ID! Thanks
  16. In that case they'll be absolutely fine. They'll store all of those nutrients that they receive during summer to, among other things, provide growth for Spring next year. Let them be! 8)
  17. Do you have your plants inside or outside? Mine are outside in the polytunnel and I have never fed my plants, mainly because they are so good at catching their own meals. I would suggest just leaving them to their own devices.
  18. I just bought one out of curiosity today, actually! It only cost £15 but I've seen them for sale for £50. Regarding cool mist fog - it depends how warm the water used is. If it's room temperature (as suggested), it isn't that cool. The temperature actually went up 1oC when I used warm water. The humidity didn't seem to go up, but my humidity guage isn't digital and so I'm not quite sure I acquired a correct reading. I'm contemplating buying a digital one!
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    Drosera capensis - No Utricularia bisquamata - No Not too sure about the Pinguicula.
  20. "Wow!" -> I think that is the best way to describe those incredible plants. Well done, Simon.
  21. Nice pictures! My D.regia has just finished flowering for the first time also - very proud! :)
  22. That is one brilliant terrarium! I think you've given some of us the inspiration to attempt to build one ourselves! Thank you 8)
  23. That is such a beautiful area - I'm really impressed with the diversity of CP. Do you know if he, himself, planted a few of them; or are they all naturally occurring?
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